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Integrify provides robust workflow management for shipping and freight approvals.

shipping approval and freight authorization

Need to Get a Handle on Shipping Approvals?

Shipping approval and freight authorization can be efficiently and accurately managed in Integrify.

For organizations that need to track and analyze expedited shipping, Integrify provides a custom, easily-configured approval workflow tool.

Standardize processes for all parties to ensure consistent, compliant processes are followed every time and reduce liability for buyers and sellers.

Your custom shipping workflow can include:

  • Shipping Authorization Request Forms including signatures
  • Approval Routing (multi-tiered or parallel workflow)
  • Custom notifications, reminders, and escalations for all stakeholders
  • A branded portal for requests, approvals, task management, and tracking
  • Full audit trails (who, what, when) of all requests and transactions
  • Generate shipping documentation automatically.

Approval Forms

Dynamic forms with pre-filled information can greatly improve data accuracy and user experience. Capture required fields on every form and ensure consistent data with dropdowns and lookups that can be pulled directly from your ERP or CRM. Show and hide form sections based on the entered information. Include justifications, attach quotes or any other documentation required.

Shipping Request Routing

Route shipping requests intelligently based on the amount, type, client, or any other data point. Ensure the correct people get eyes on the request to make the appropriate approval decision. Shorten approval cycles by assigning backup approvers or group approvers to expedite shipping requests.

Notifications and Approvals

Create custom notifications that include all relevant information from the request to make on-the-go approvals easier. Configure reminders to ensure no requests fall through the cracks. Design escalations based on time or data points to make sure critical requests move forward.

Request Portal

Give vendors and internal employees access to an easy-to-use, branded portal to submit requests, provide information, and manage all tasks associated with the workflow. Include documentation, rules, announcements, and all critical information to ensure the process is clear.

Audit Trails, Tracking, and Reporting

Every activity involved in the shipping request and approval is tracked and auditable. Run reports to view historical data including request information, approvals, names, times, dates, documents, financial details, and anything else related to the workflow for use internally or with additional authorities. Create KPIs and SLAs to ensure performance is meeting organizational goals.

Generate Shipping Documentation

All form data and approvals can be generated automatically as part of the process. Email finalized shipping documents to all interested parties at any point in the process.

Ready to Drastically Improve Your Shipping and Freight Approval Process?

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