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Process improvement with process automation software


What is Process Improvement?

Process improvement (or "business process improvement") can come in many forms. Motivated and engaged employees can improve the efficiency of business processes via informal, grassroots efforts. They may form self-organizing teams that design and implement solutions to improve business process issues. These organically-developed solutions can net real gains in productivity and efficiency.

However, a formal process improvement framework, language, and common platform allows everyone involved in the improvement effort to leverage the work being done throughout the organization. Organizational process and workflow improvement projects proceed best with agreed-upon standardization and may even benefit from the guidance of a business process (BPM) specialist who can develop frameworks, KPIs, and other critical aspects of the effort. A dedicated, ongoing effort is called "continuous improvement" and allows an organization to iterate and build on previous improvements.

Process Improvement Example

Any process can be put through a rigorous process improvement effort. In the example below we're looking at a Claims Submission process. We've used process mapping to break down the process steps into tasks, connected those tasks to simulate the process flow, and arranged them in swim lanes to show responsibility.

Process Improvement Diagram

Once the documented process is socialized with all stakeholders and confirmed it can be moved into a process automation platform.

Process Improvement Tools

Because process improvement should be an ongoing organizational strength (and not a one-time improvement effort), every organization can benefit from the adoption of a workflow or process management solution. Consider the following criteria when selecting a tool:

  • How quickly will this system allow us to define and build improved workflows?
  • What staff resources do we need to build workflows? IT, DevOps, Business Users?
  • What existing systems s do we need to integrate with as part of improved workflows?
  • Functional considerations:
    • Easy visual tools for process diagramming, with the ability to capture appropriate data along with the objects in the flow chart or diagram
    • Built-in process for designing, editing, approving, and publishing new processes or workflows
    • Data capture/forms capability to allow workflows to bridge existing enterprise application gaps
    • KPI tracking and reporting that provides easy to understand charts along with direct access to the underlying data for further analysis

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