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Access control policies can be easily enforced and implemented with workflow automation software


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Access Control Is a Critical Responsibility

Maintaining information and system security can be difficult, especially as organizations grow both in terms of personnel and systems. Managing who has access to which applications, networks, locations, etc., in other words, access control, can be a fundamental challenge for IT and security teams.

Enforcing access control policies is made significantly easier with the use of workflow management tools where user access authorization requests can be granted or refused in a standardized, repeatable way across the entire organization.

Integrating Access Control with Employee Onboarding/Offboarding

By making access control procedures part of the employee onboarding and offboarding process, a consistent method for handling the bulk of access requests can be made more efficient.

During the onboarding process, new employees can request access to the majority of the systems, locations, etc. that they'll need all at once along with requesting whatever hardware, software, devices, etc. they'll need to perform their role. This can reduce the ad-hoc requests that need to be handled over the course of their employment. Of course, these ad-hoc requests can still be made through the system as needed.

Perhaps more importantly, employees going through an offboarding process can have their access and credentials quickly and reliably deactivated. Because the system is aware of all the access that has been granted to the employee, the responsible administrators can check off as each access point is removed. This greatly reduces the threat of unauthorized access and security issues created by a disgruntled former employee.

How Does the User Access Request Process Work?

Below is one example of a user access request process. We provide this process as a downloadable template for customers. It's fairly straightforward but illustrates how a system could be designed.

This sample process allows a user to request access to software and systems. The form includes questions about the user as well as the type of access they need including a separate form for any HR access needs. It provides two levels of approval with approver options for rejecting the request. It also allows for a delivery date to be submitted for each type of access.

access control request process

Notifications, alerts, and reminders ensure that tasks are performed within the expected timeframes while escalations and delegations help prevent tasks from falling through the cracks. In addition, access requesters can always see the status of their request without having to send emails or make phone calls.

But Wait, There's More!

Managing access requests, while critical, is only one of the many use cases for workflow automation. Integrify clients have built a wide variety of automated processes for Finance, HR, Operations, Marketing, Customer Service, and other business areas. For more information visit our Solutions area.

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