Change Request Process

Change request processes and forms can be streamlined and automated for a more efficient workflow.


change requests process managed with workflow automation

Change Requests Fuel Improvements

Change requests fuel innovation and process improvement. Whether the change is to a product, a project, an employee's status, a contract or hundreds of other change request use cases, your company/department needs a reliable way to request changes and then manage the process of implementing them.

What Type of Change Requests Should Be Automated?

As we mentioned earlier, there are many types of change requests throughout the organization. Nearly every department manages requests for changes whether it's Marketing handling a change to a Web page or the product team handling changes to a product's functionality, those requesting the change, and those assessing it need to feel comfortable that the process works.

Here are some examples of change requests your department or organization may be dealing with every day.

Software Change

Software changes could be for enterprise systems that need to be configured differently, have users added/edited, etc. These requests come from software users who typically are looking for a quick turnaround and can come via email, phone call, support ticket, or cubicle pop-in.

Project Change

Ongoing projects are subject to changes in scope, team members, deliverables, delivery dates, etc. Managing these kinds of requests is usually not an option in most project management tools. Instead, project teams and stakeholders need to be able to submit change requests through a separate system for evaluation.

Employee Change

HR professionals can spend a lot of time dealing with administrative tasks like transferring email requests into HR systems for processing. One common task is dealing with changes to employee records. This means they need an efficient way for employees or HR staff to make requested changes to an employee's records. These changes can even automatically be reflected in HRIS and finance systems upon approval.

Document/Content Change

Routing documents via email is as old as email itself. When documents are critical to the business and require multiple approval stages and a variety of staff review to get to the finished product, email is a bad substitute for workflow. Handling document changes with a change request system keeps the changes flowing with less annoying email and version control issues. Integrate the workflow with your document management system and save even more time posting and retrieving documents.

Product Change

If your company sells a physical product, change requests are a daily part of life. Product changes can come from customers, partners, employees, regulations, competitors, etc. Often these changes require a significant effort to submit, test, review, and plan for implementation. The value of a change to your product can be significant in terms of revenue and risk. You don't want to leave the change process to a manual, error-prone system of emails and spreadsheets.

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How Can You Improve the Change Request Process

Automating your change requests with workflow automation provides significant benefits like:

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