Collateral Change Approvals

Integrify makes it possible for the Marketing department to manage change requests to program collateral.


The Challenge

The marketing department sends program collateral that needs approvals by email, fax, and phone, creating confusion for both the Marketing Department and everyone else. There is no pre-defined route to obtain proper approvals. Once the employee determines where to send the request, those responsible for approval must then evaluate and forward the request to the correct group. As a manual effort, this puts a huge constraint on the Marketing Department's time. There is no audit trail of request approvals and no way to document who made changes to the collateral. The employee submitting the request has no efficient way to determine what the current status is and receive notice of approval. The process is slow, inefficient, prone to mistakes, and hard to track.

Collateral Change Request Process IllustrationThe Solution

Using Integrify OnDemand, the approval process is now completely automated. Employees use a Web browser to submit and check on the status of their department's program collateral requests. They know who is handling the request and who approved it. The application uses business rules to determine the group responsible for the approvals and routes the request automatically through the proper channel. The marketing personnel receive the approved sponsorship opportunity for disbursement to the company's clients for consideration of program opportunities.

The Implementation

The marketing department implements process rules and any forms that will be used to gather information. With the hosted Integrify OnDemand service, the department was able to activate the cloud service quickly without having to install software. Integrify OnDemand automatically executes notifications (via user dashboards and email) to the appropriate personnel, reducing the chances of confusion while maintaining the current status of the request.

For example, a marketing person needs to submit a request to have new program approved before sending out to clients. The request goes directly through the pre-defined approval process. All approvals, revisions, and comments are documented. Meanwhile, your marketing department is notified of any changes and approvals.

Once the program collateral request is approved, you can then notify your clients of the opportunity. With Integrify OnDemand, the approvals are accelerated and documented. Your employees no longer need to call, fax, or email requests for approval, and they have a central repository to check for status updates. Your marketing department will see a drastic reduction in labor efforts and approval cycles.

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