Data Collection Tools

Collect data, maintain data integrity, integrate with databases and systems.

Data Collection Tools

Data Collection Tools allow organizations to collect data with accuracy, scalability, standardization, and integration with existing applications.

While data collection can involve various scenarios and uses, one of the most common situations is a business needing to collect data as part of a business process. Data collection tools can streamline and standardize this data and ensure data integrity. This is especially important when other data tools like databases, CRM, HRIS, Accounting software, and Business Analytics consume collected data.

Collected data is also used to make critical business decisions, from big-ticket acquisitions to approving a customer return. Businesses are operating on bad information without a consistent, scalable system for collecting data.

Business Process Data Collection Examples

There are many data collection methods and needs throughout an organization. These efforts might be led by a data architect, business analyst, department lead, or DevOps/Data team members. The focus is on collecting the process of gathering the proper data, standardizing the data handling, and ensuring it gets to the right place in the right format.

Some examples of data collection scenarios:

  • Collecting customer data for a CRM system.
  • Collecting finance data for financial reporting.
  • Collecting project data for project requests.
  • Collecting employee data for onboarding.

Features of Data Collection Tools

When researching data collection software or the data collection features of a workflow management system, you'll typically find the following:

  • Develop data collection user interface applications to support Request Management, Reporting, and Improvement Project needs.
  • Integrate collected data with existing databases and systems.
  • Enforce data compliance using configurable rules.
  • Automatically generate audit trails for collected data, including time, date, user, forms, and documents.
  • Capture requirements, design, create, document, manage, and fulfill requests for ongoing and/or ad-hoc reports.

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