Nonprofit Workflow Management

How can automated workflow management help nonprofit organizations?

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“Communication is better with automation, even with our workers not in office every day.”

– Teresa McKennon, Senior Finance Manager |  Read the Full Case Study

For nonprofits, clear communication, resource maximization, and compliance are all crucial.

Complex Workflows Should Be Automated

Workflow within nonprofits is shared between employees, organizations, locations, constituents, and agencies. Information and data need to flow easily between all stakeholders consistently and securely.

Workflow automation is crucial for nonprofit teams because:

  • Manual and redundant work can be eliminated.
  • Teams have clear communication about tasks and priorities.
  • Critical information is collected as efficiently as possible.
  • Activities are completely auditable, and processes are compliant.
  • Process bottlenecks can be identified and improved.

Whether you need to build a workflow to be agile and respond to crises or need to review photography or video for a new campaign, a workflow automation system provides the tools to automate any process.

How Integrify's Workflow Automation Works

Ease of Use is Essential

In the nonprofit realm, limited resources shouldn't be spent hiring and onboarding a highly-technical resource to solve these complex issues. With a no-code automation platform and a full-service partner like Integrify, you don't need to be an IT professional to implement workflow automation in your organization.

Whether you start with a pre-built Process App or build one from scratch, you can be up and running with automation in days, not months.

Check out our eBook: Workflow Automation for Non-Profits. This eBook explores how automation can be a powerful tool for non-profit organizations. With the right system, non-profits can increase efficiency, reduce errors, and improve overall productivity. Download for free here!

Why Automate Your Workflow?

Nonprofit organizations need a cost-effective solution that allows for both the creation and re-use of customized, automated processes that can:

North Texas Food Bank, Accountability, and Working With the Integrify Team

Danny talks about how Integrify has made their organization more efficient, how they ran before automation, and what it's like working with the Integrify team.

Use Case Examples

Donor Management

Building a strong relationship with donors is crucial for nonprofits. With the help of automation, you can set up a form for donors to fill out after giving and have it trigger a notification and remind gift officers to thank the donor over the phone or email. These workflows can also forward donor information to coordinators, so they can fine-tune their messages and calls.

Grant Management

Replace inefficient grant review processes with automation. Integrify can help across all phases with information capture, routing, task assignments, and more. Your process can be customized however you need it to flow. Add and remove tasks, forms, routing rules, and alerts/escalations to match your organization's preferred process. Here's a simple example of a grant application form, keeping in mind your forms can be as complex as needed:


Whether it’s for volunteer work or employment, the application process requires a lot of data entry and manual oversight. Automation will streamline every aspect of this process. You can apply conditional logic to online forms to show or hide certain fields based on an applicant’s responses throughout the process of them filling out your forms. This will end up saving your organization time and money!

Marketing Collateral

You may have volunteers or outsiders working on projects or campaigns for your organization, you may even have multiple organizations running campaigns at the same time. Automate customized product requests, PR approvals, customer status changes, contract reviews, and marketing collateral changes/approvals. Ensure that marketing procedures are strictly followed and protect the organization's brand.

Vendor and Contract Management

The vendor contract process can be time-consuming and prone to human error. An inefficient, manual process means project delays, late delivery of materials, poor customer service, and more. Integrify can automate the vendor contract initiation and vendor approval processes, including access for outside vendors to submit requests.

New Hire and Onboarding

Onboard new employees faster and more consistently. Build a process to ensure tasks like drug testing, background checks, safety training, site orientation, personal safety equipment, etc. are handled expediently and by the right individual. Track progress and complete audit report on every hire to ensure standard procedures were followed.

More Examples

  • Human Resources
    • New Hire Request and Management
    • Onboarding new Employees
    • Employee Change of Status
    • HR Inquiries
    • Offboarding Employees
    • Payroll Adjustment
  • Finance
    • Purchase Requisition
    • Capital Expense Request
    • Contract Management
    • New Product Evaluation
    • Central Supply Requests
    • Item Exception Requests
    • Report Requests

Youth UpRising and Integrify

Youth UpRising is a non-profit youth center that offers young people services and programs to increase physical and mental well-being, community connection, education attainment, and career achievement among their youth members. They needed a robust online system to house all of the day-to-day needs of various programs across the organization. Check out their case study to see how Integrify was able to meet all the organization’s needs and challenges as well as help begin their journey away from paper.

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