Youth UpRising

Youth UpRising needed a robust online system to house all of the day-to-day needs for various programs across the organization.


Youth UpRising is a non-profit youth center that offers young people services and programs to increase physical and mental well-being, community connection, education attainment, and career achievement among their youth members.

Their mission is to transform East Oakland into a healthy and economically robust community by developing the leadership of youth and young adults and improving the systems that impact them.

The Challenge

Quiana Canada, Chief Operating Officer at Youth UpRising, and the rest of the team needed a robust online system to house all the day-to-day needs. This included hosting forms, documents, and updates, as well as wanting a system that would aid them in moving away from a paper system. Along with these needs, another challenge that Youth UpRising faced was that each program needed to access forms, approvals, tracking, and more all in one management solution for easy access across the organization.

Why Integrify?

Youth UpRising chose Integrify because it met all the organization’s needs and challenges. One of the main points that stood out was how user-friendly Integrify is. The past software used did not meet the organization’s needs, and that is when the search for an automated solution began.

“Integrify is a workflow management platform that provides a one-stop show for all the programs and systems and needs of our Center.” Quiana Canada, Chief Operating Officer

Integrify allowed Youth UpRising to begin their journey away from paper, hold their processes and documents all in one place, and all members in the organization could have access to the workflows necessary.


Things are going well for Youth UpRising during the implementation phase. So far, there is one program completed and ready to launch. While that workflow is finishing up, there are already two more programs being built out. If the team ever needed assistance in the building process, they felt comfortable contacting the Integrify team. “The representatives and our account managers have been extremely helpful in the process,” said Quiana.

What They’ve Built

Youth UpRising has completed three workflows so far. The end users for these processes and ones in the future will be the staff, case managers, and clients. The three workflows are:

  • Health and Wellness Workflow Management – This workflow starts when an individual fills out a form for interest in the Health and Wellness services offered through Youth UpRising, such as therapy or counseling. Then, this workflow passes on to a risk assessment team and a case manager. This process will continue to loop for case documentation throughout the time an individual is working with a case manager. The second route this workflow can run through is if the individual is rated higher on a specific scale during the initial risk assessment; this workflow will assist the client in getting help from a more long-term treatment plan.
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  • Career and Education Workflow – This workflow involves placing individuals into one of three different job development programs. This placement is based on age, schooling, and other criteria filled out in an initial form. After the form is submitted, case managers work with clients to get them placed and settled into a job program.
  • Finance – The finance workflow works with the finance team to handle any financial processes the organization deals with.


While it is still early in the process, and no specific metrics have been calculated, everything is going well for the Youth UpRising team thus far.

“It [Integrify] has helped tremendously with structure, removing paper tasks and forms, allows for streamlined processes and approvals and has made the company more advanced in current technology” - Quiana Canada, Chief Operating Officer, Youth UpRising

What Will They Integrify Next?

Youth UpRising has only just begun its workflow automation journey. They plan to roll out Integrify in other business areas, such as more workflows in the Finance Department and workflows for the Arts and Expression Department.

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