The City of Baltimore

The City of Baltimore is using Integrify for its ambitious plan to automate the city's workflow.


Baltimore's Business Process Improvement Office (BPIO) is focused on making the delivery of city services more efficient and cost-effective. They use Integrify to standardize and automate manual, paper- and email-based city workflows as part of the city's digital transformation. We sat down with three members of the BPIO team to hear about their mission and their methods including: Babila Lima, BPIO Director; Varghese Paranilam, BPIO Project Manager; and Melanie Shimano, Data Automation and Technology Analyst.

The Goal of the Business Process Improvement Office

Babila Lima, Director of Baltimore's Business Process Improvement Office (BPIO) talks about the mission and scope of their team and how they're trying to improve the efficiency of the city's services.

The Processes That Needed Improvement 

Our interview with Varghese Paranilam, BPIO Project Manager for Baltimore where we discuss some of the specific processes the BPIO team has automated and what the impact has been.

Rolling Out Improved Processes and Using Integrify

Melanie Shimano, Data Automation and Technology Analyst for Baltimore's Business Process Improvement Office, discusses the roll out of their automated processes using Integrify.

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