Legacy Senior Living and Integrify

Legacy Senior Living sought to modernize its CapEx process, transitioning away from traditional paper documentation within the organization to embrace digital solutions.


Faith-centered and Family-Owned, Legacy Senior Living offers premier Senior Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care facilities for seniors. Legacy Senior Living has expanded to seven states in the Eastern United States since 2006, and it is committed to continuing its service to residents, families, cities, and local communities.

The Challenge

We spoke with the VP of Asset Management at Legacy Senior Living, Blake Ray, about the organization's challenges before implementing workflow automation. Blake's role includes managing the organization's capital expense requests and approval processes. These processes were the main challenges for the team.

The processes were previously done by scanning paper documents and sending email attachments for approval. When dealing with paper-based processes, keeping track of all the necessary documentation and ensuring it's all filled out correctly is difficult. "Many times, the emails would get lost, or the scanned signature packets would be incomplete," says Blake. With these challenges in mind, Legacy Senior Living was looking for:

  • A product to organize their paper-based CapEx processes.
  • Be able to decrease their paper consumption and digitize their processes.
  • A way to quicken process approval times.
  • A platform to be a single location for making requests.

Why Integrify?

Given the challenges faced by the organization, it became clear that a new solution was necessary. Realizing the need for change, Blake started looking for platforms to address their problems and difficulties. During the initial research phase, they found Integrify could be a potential fit. Blake told us, "As soon as we completed the demo, we knew this was the product for us."

Integrify has all of the capabilities that the team was searching for. Integrify enables organizations to go paperless by digitizing all their documents. This reduces process times, resulting in faster approval cycles. This is accomplished through a single location, ensuring a seamless user experience.


To say that implementation has gone well for Legacy Senior Living would be an understatement. From the beginning, it was clear that Integrify could streamline any approval process Blake and the team wanted to build.

Legacy Senior Living collaborated with our Customer Success team during the initial training, but Blake was able to grasp the platform and make significant progress quickly. The platform is designed as a low-code/no-code solution, so it doesn't require any coding or IT background to build into the system. They were able to get their first process constructed and implemented in less than two months.

Also, during the implementation phase, it became clear to the team how much is possible with Integrify. The initial need for a CapEx approval workflow could be met almost immediately, and the doors opened for future possibilities.

What They've Built

The first process the team needed to build was their Capital Expense Approval Process, which is now up and running.

"Integrify replaced that broken system with a seamless solution that keeps it all in a single location." Blake Ray, VP of Asset Management.

This process includes tasks such as approvals for major purchases, repairs, replacements, and capital upgrades. Typically, 20-25 users work in this process monthly. This process is used organization-wide to submit all CapEx requests for each location. For example, if a building wants to replace the flooring or an HVAC system, they will submit the proposed bids, and it will be routed to the appropriate regional person based on the rules in the process.  

Here is what Blake has created in the platform that is running for the organization:

Other than the CapEx process, the team is working on some other approval processes, those being:

  • New Vendor / Contract Review
  • Payroll Quarterly Bonus Approval Forms


Blake has shared that the results of using Integrify have been great. Although the organization did not track key performance indicators (KPIs) or cycle times before using Integrify, they have received positive employee feedback. 

"Our end users and approvers love using Integrify. It has fixed a broken system and made the process significantly quicker." Blake Ray, VP of Asset Management

What's Next?

Integrify has officially been rolled out for the CapEx approval processes across the organization. Next, multiple approval processes are currently being worked on, such as the new vendor and contract review process and the payroll bonus approval process. As the organization grows, the options for what they will "Integrify next" are endless.

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