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BPM Platforms can speed the development of process-based applications

What is a BPM Platform?

A BPM platform provides a framework and tools for managing the tasks and processes related to people or systems. 

A BPM (or BPMS) platform typically includes the following:

  • A process builder designs and manages a series of linear or parallel human and machine tasks that constitute a process.
  • A process engine that manages the coordination and execution of tasks.
  • Tools for manual (forms) or automatic (integrations) data critical to the execution of the process.
  • A reporting engine for monitoring activities and performance, including auditing of tasks.

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Who Uses the Platform?

With business process management software, processes can be built by IT teams, DevOps, or citizen builders. They can either be part of an ongoing business process management framework or as an individual departmental project. In both cases, the process build is usually prefaced by a formal project to research and analyze existing processes before defining and testing recommended processes.

Platforms can be cloud-based, private cloud-based, or installed on-premise, depending on the preferences or security needs of the organization. Cloud-based platforms have become increasingly popular as security has improved and scalability has become a consistent need. Cloud-based platforms offer a no-maintenance solution that is flexible and more cost-effective.

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Integrify's BPM automation platform helps organizations or individual departments reduce costs and improve employee satisfaction by providing process definition, process automation, form, and portal deployment and auditing for areas such as Information Technology, Human Resources, Finance, Sales, Marketing and other types of services.

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