CapEx Examples

A collection of CapEx Examples to help you plan for automation.


Capital Expenditures, or "CapEx" for short, are expenses for physical goods such as machines and property that are expected to:

  1. Provide value beyond the current financial reporting period.
  2. Increase the ability or scope of the company's operations.

CapEx examples might include a new printing press or a fleet of servers for your data center. These items are significant expenses that will provide value for many years to come and therefore can be capitalized over an extended period. Other examples include:

  • Capital leases
  • Computers/Servers/Related equipment
  • Equipment upgrades (that increase the value beyond normal maintenance)
  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Land
  • Machinery
  • Office equipment
  • Real Estate (buildings, garages, etc.)
  • Software (provided it meets your minimum)
  • Vehicles

Example of a CapEx Process

In larger enterprises, the process for requesting and approving capital expenditures can be complex and involve many different individuals and departments. Automating the CapEx approval process can decrease acquisition time, improve accuracy and provide complete audit reporting. Here's an example of an automated CapEx form that collects all the critical information for consideration by approvers:

capex request form

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Once the form is completed, it can be routed through the organization for review, approval, rework or disapproval.

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Preparing for CapEx Automation

Preparing for CapEx Automation

Find out what to expect and how to organize the project, including:

  • Process Planning
  • How to Document
  • Outlining and Designing the Workflow
  • Building an Approval Matrix
  • Building Forms
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Tips for Change Management
  • Loads of examples and templates to steal

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