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Improve the onboarding process for new hires with best practices and automation.


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The Process for Onboarding Employees Matters

The onboarding experience for employees varies widely between companies. Employees at some organizations are shown their desks, handed an employee handbook, and told what time to come every day. At other organizations, new hires spend a week learning about the company culture, networking across functional areas, shadowing coworkers, and more. 

The new employee onboarding process is your company’s first opportunity to give new hires a sense of:

  • What it will be like working for your company
  • How much your company respects individual contributors
  • The importance being placed on their role
  • The long-term prospects for your company
  • Socialization and networking

The numbers associated with an employee's new job experience bear out the importance of good onboarding workflow:

  • 4% of employees quit after a bad first day (Bersin by Deloitte)
  • 90% of employees decide to stay within the first six months. (Aberdeen Group)
  • 22% of turnover occurs in the first 45 days. (The Wynhurst Group)

The hiring process and employee onboarding set a tone for an employee's career with your company. Is the process an afterthought? Is it well-organized, consistent, and respectful? Does it produce happy employees who enter the company with a positive attitude?

You may have had a poor onboarding experience yourself and thought, "Did I make the right decision accepting this job?"

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Onboarding Phases

Each phase should be defined and outlined to include all the people, processes, and activities involved.


Covers the entire process of hiring, equipping, and orienting new employees.


Includes all the activities related to adding or sharpening the skills required for the new employee's role.


includes the activities related to the ongoing improvement of an employee in their role or future roles.


Defines an approach to ensuring employee satisfaction throughout their employment.

Building an Onboarding Process Plan

Some ideas for information to include in an onboarding plan:

  1. How much paperwork can you handle online and have completed before the employee starts their first day?
  2. Quick Reference Guides for systems the employee will be used to supplement the full training on the system.
  3. Maps of the workplace and key locations (copier, printer, cafeteria, departments, restrooms/door codes, etc.)
  4. Key features of the phone system. Not surprisingly, most employees probably don’t know how to transfer a call properly (ask someone at random).
  5. Proper use and rules around organization-wide tools like email, instant messaging, video conferencing, etc.
  6. Assign a buddy - give them a peer to ask general questions during their orientation period.
  7. Stay in regular contact during the 2-week "notice" period - this is when people doubt their new choice and need to feel welcome/wanted.
  8. Provide a “Welcome Package” with company gear to help them identify with the company brand.

Onboarding Checklist

Using onboarding tools like Onboarding Checklists is helpful for small companies who don't deal with a lot of hiring and only bring on a few new employees a month. However, larger companies, especially in the enterprise space, can find such checklists less helpful when dealing with onboarding tasks for tens or hundreds of employees globally each month. In situations like this, best practices dictate the use of an automated workflow system for effective onboarding and a more effective employee.

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Automating the process for onboarding new employees ensures a standardized, consistent, and company-approved approach. It provides hiring managers with a much easier experience with their new hires—customized employee portals include intake forms and automated workflows route information around the organization. The same system is used by the hiring manager, the employee, and HR, ensuring everyone has access to the information they need. Manual onboarding programs may have all the right pieces for effective onboarding but automation and process management can bring it all together.

Workflow automation provides a custom onboarding software solution. It can be used for the entire Employee Lifecycle from pre-hire to offboarding. Here are some examples:

Position request form checkmark
Recruitment and application process checkmark
Internal referrals checkmark
Interview feedback and tracking checkmark
Offer tracking checkmark
Background checks checkmark
Security badge request checkmark
During Hire  
Business card ordering checkmark
New hire information gathering checkmark
IT Setup form (hardware, software, network/app access) checkmark
Policy/mission review and acknowledgment. checkmark
A survey of their onboarding checkmark
Employee information change checkmark
Personnel action checkmark
Hardware and software requests checkmark
Leave requests checkmark
Expense and travel requests checkmark
Performance reviews and acknowledgment checkmark
Goals tracking checkmark
Peer and team recognitions and awards checkmark


Automating Employee Onboarding

Onboarding sets the tone for the employee’s relationship with their new company. If the process is disconnected and poorly organized, the employee’s chances of success are greatly diminished while turnover increases.

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Example of an Automated Employee Onboarding

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Example of a new hire onboarding workflow. (Click for Larger)

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Interested in Automating Your Onboarding Workflow?

We have a variety of resources to help you on your journey to an automated workflow. 

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  • Automating the Process
  • Actionable Onboarding Tips
  • Automating Offboarding
  • Using Employee Onboarding Software

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