Streamlining Travel Requests: The Power of Automation

By Toni Buffa | Published December 26, 2023

Automating your organization's travel requests is simple with an Integrify Process App. Automating this process can positively impact an organization's overall efficiency, ensure compliance, and improve the employee experience.

In the fast-paced world of business, efficiency is critical to staying competitive. One area where organizations can significantly enhance efficiency is the travel request process. Traditionally, managing travel requests has been a manual and time-consuming task involving many forms, emails, and approvals. However, with workflow automation, there is a strong push for organizations to embrace automated travel request processes. Let's explore why automation is a game-changer for business travel.


5 Benefits and Automated Workflow Example

1. Saves Time

Automation reduces the need for manual data entry, email chains, and paperwork. Employees can submit travel requests with just a few clicks, and the system can automatically route requests to the appropriate channels for approval.

2. Consistency

Automation eliminates human error, such as data entry mistakes or miscommunication, by consistently streamlining processes. The last thing you need while traveling or scheduling travel for an employee is miscommunication, confusion, or financial discrepancies. 

3. Compliance

Every organization has its travel policies and guidelines. By automating this request, you can build this process exactly how you'd like and run it the same way every time using pre-defined business rules. This way, your travel request process will always ensure compliance.

4. Faster Approvals

Requests often involve back-and-forth emails of information that can get lost or forgotten. With automation, the appropriate approver will be notified immediately after a travel request is submitted. To make the process even more efficient, approvers can access requests from anywhere for quick decision-making and faster approvals.

5. Improved Employee Experience

Simplifying the travel request process through automation contributes to a positive employee experience. Employees appreciate the convenience of a streamlined system that saves time and reduces errors and confusion.

Integrify Process Example - Travel Request

Integrify has prebuilt Process Apps for our customers that are entirely free to download. One of those is the travel request process. Below, you can see the prebuilt form and workflow for this process. In this example, after your employee fills out the travel request form, it'll be routed to their manager for approval. It'll notify finance, send appropriate notifications throughout, and end the process. With this process and any of our Process Apps, you can customize it to fit your organization's needs. Each employee who starts their request will run through this process similarly, ensuring consistency and compliance. 


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If your organization would benefit from implementing this or any other automated process, contact the Integrify team for a personalized demo.

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