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Why You Need a Morning Workflow

A few months ago after reading a blog post about "establishing a morning ritual," I decided that it was time to try improving my mornings. Typically I was waking up anywhere between 7 am and 8 am and then scrambling to get ready for the day and make my train into the city. I started to realize that I… View More


Making a Difference in Knowledge and Content Management

Integrify has been named to the 2017 list of "100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management" by KMWorld. We're proud to be on the list and prouder to be helping knowledge and content management professionals improve the flow of information in their organizations. "The banner of knowledge… View More


Breaking Down Your Business Process Architecture

In our BPM Guide, we spend a chapter discussing the importance of scoping and prioritizing your business process architecture. When you're breaking down a single, sometimes siloed business processes to move them into an automation platform, you see a limited context for your process. There a no doubt big gains to be made in this limited context, for instance, automating a… View More


SEC Priorities for 2017 May Mean a Push for FinTech

As it does each year, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE) announced its 2017 priorities in January and some of the priorities may push firms to focus more on FinTech. This year, broker-dealers, investment advisers, fund complexes and others regulated by the SEC can… View More


Getting Users to Actually Use Your Workflow System

User Adoption Is the Most Critical Aspect of Any Implementation If you invested in new workflow management software but can't get people to use it, my grandma would say "you just made a big hole in the water." In fact, it might be even worse. For instance, you may have just replaced a "tried and true" existing system with something users do not understand or value.… View More


Is Your Business at Risk from Hidden Pockets of Tribal Knowledge?

What is Tribal Knowledge and Why Should I Care? Six Sigma experts describe tribal knowledge in the following way: "Tribal knowledge is any unwritten information that is not commonly known by others within a company. This term is used most when referencing information that may need to be known by others to produce quality product or… View More


Why We Love Those Tracking Numbers

Dawn of the Tracking Number Remember the first time you looked up a FedEx tracking number and saw exactly where your package was during it's long journey to your door? Hold that feeling for a moment. A 1995 New York Times article indicates that FedEx started providing package tracking to customers in November of that year.… View More


A Tale of Two Employee Onboarding Experiences

Experts have long said that the way an employee is brought into a company,… View More


Our Top 10 Posts of 2016

We Bid Adieu to a Long, Strange Year After a long and bizarre year, we're looking back at what we posted in 2016 and selecting the best content based on traffic and feedback. We talked a lot about compliance and process optimization as well as employee self-service and difficult customers. Hopefully, we educated and entertained along the way. The Complete Guide to Business… View More


The Hidden Costs of Poor Internal Customer Service

Related: Business Process Automation and Digital Transformation Better Ways to Train Your Employees for… View More


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