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An Approach to Innovation with Process Automation

Innovation comes from a sustained, concerted effort by all employees to identify and improve the way they work together and get things done. Where Innovation Comes From Innovating a business means a cultural shift toward thinking "How can we get better?" When you instill this mentality in all employees at all levels, your organization can see immediate and ongoing improvement in their operations. Employees… View More


How to Be More Productive This Year

Staying on top of your calendar and to-do list can seem like an impossible goal sometimes. These strategies may help you make the best use of your time, lower stress and make you more productive. Between personal obligations and professional responsibilities, it can seem as if there are never enough hours in the day. We can accumulate wealth and things, but try as we might, we’ll never have more than the same 24… View More


What Is the Difference Between a Coach, a Trainer, and a Mentor?

Related How to Help Your Team Realize Untapped Potential How to Delegate Authority Reduce Decision Fatigue with Workflow… View More


The Kaizen Approach to Workflow Automation

wrkflow automation and kaizen

Enabling the Kaizen approach with workflow automation can increase productivity, enhance efficiency and reduce waste. It can also help you eliminate error, enhance compliance and improve visibility of your organization. But unlike other workflow automation solutions, Integrify offers versatility and responsiveness, allowing you to make process… View More


Do you Need to Adjust Your Management Style?

management style change team

When it comes to getting work done, people have a lot of reasons for why they do what they do. See how managers can address these expectations to start driving better performance. Not surprisingly, managers who constantly strive to become better managers are more successful than those who simply rely on their "tried and true" management methods. In fact, a manager's sheer awareness that they're not perfect can go… View More


Employee Lifecycle Management with Integrify

employee lifecycle infographic

  Employee Lifecycle Management involves optimizing the processes and interactions with employees over the course of their employment within an organization. Much of the process can now be managed in an automated way using workflow management applications. This infographic shows a view of the employee lifecycle from this perspective, focusing on the touchpoints within an employee's career journey that can be improved with… View More


Ways to Reduce Employee Travel Expenses

automate business travel

Let’s face it: employee travel expenses can eat away at your budget. With everything from flights and taxis to dinners and drinks, the costs of business trips add up quickly. However, providing your people with the opportunity to connect with colleagues or peers—no matter where they’re located—is essential to doing business. Yet you simply… View More


Better Ways to Train Your Employees for Success

employee training program

  When an employee is doing well, it's sometimes difficult to tell how much their success is due to hard work and drive and how much is due to the employer's training and leadership. There are a lot of schools of thought about how employees should learn, and they range from traditional classroom structures to extreme role-playing. If you're not seeing improved expertise and competence of your employees after they go through… View More


Why the C-Level Loves Business Process Automation

executive approval of workflow software

Sharing Pain Up the Chain Often the individuals feeling the most pain from manual, inefficient processes are the front-line employees and managers. They are expected to meet organizational goals and customer needs regardless of the systems in place (or, in many cases, NOT in place.) Not surprisingly, these are often the people that come to us looking for help. Explaining the direct benefits of scrapping manual… View More


Why Change Is So Difficult in an Office (and How to Cope)

change is hard with no direction

  Trying to get an individual to change their behavior can be an uphill battle, let alone attempting to get an entire office to change. If your marketing and sales departments have had a long-standing rivalry since the business began, their feud likely won't be solved over a few beers and icebreaker games. If only one person in the office is meeting their monthly productivity goals, then one motivational speech to the team… View More


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