IT Project Requests

Fulfill department requirements such as new software, website development, network account creation, or new hardware.

IT Project Request Workflow

Find out how Integrify makes it possible for IT teams to support employees making IT Project Requests for internal projects.

IT teams can fulfill department requirements such as new software, website development, network account creation, new hardware, or product upgrades.

The Challenge

Company offices span several locations worldwide. Employees send internal project requests by email, fax, and phone, creating confusion for both your OIT/IT Services/DevOps team and everyone else. Employees often have no idea where to send their requests. Or, once the employee determines where to send it, the IT Service team must then evaluate and forward the request to the right group. As a manual effort, this puts a huge constraint on everyone's time. There is no audit trail of the approvals. The employee submitting the request has no efficient way to determine what the current status is and receive notice of approval. The process is slow, inefficient, prone to mistakes, and hard to track.

The IT Project Request Solution

Using Integrify, the processes are now completely automated. Employees use a web browser to submit and check on the status of their department's internal project requests. They know who is handling the request and who approved it. The application uses business rules to determine the group responsible for the technologies or services and routes the request automatically through the proper approval channel. The IT Services team receives the approved request for fulfillment and then responds with a simple update.

Read how GlaxoSmithKline uses Integrify to manage IT Project Requests globally.

it project requests at GSK

The Implementation

Assign administrators to Integrify to implement the process rules and any forms that will be used to gather information. Integrify automatically executes the web and email approval notifications to the right people, reducing the chances of confusion while keeping up with the current status of the request.

For example, an employee needs to submit a request to have a new website created for their department. The request goes directly through the pre-defined project approval system via e-mail. All approvals are documented, and the IT Services team is notified.

Once the request is approved, IT Services can notify the development group to begin work on creating the department's new website. The approvals are accelerated and documented. The employee doesn't need to know who to call, fax, or email the request, and they're continually notified of status updates. A drastic reduction in labor efforts by the IT Services team!

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