What is an Approvals Matrix?

Using a matrix to manage approvals ensures complex approval processes are flexible and scalable.


Approvals Matrix

A table that provides the business rules for routing an approval task through a business process based on preset conditions. An approval matrix ensures that the correct individuals are involved in decision-making at the appropriate time.

Approval Matrix Example

An expense request needs to be routed to the appropriate approver based on a variety of conditions like:

  • Office Location
  • Amount of Expense
  • Type of Expense
  • Month Submitted
  • Cost Center Owner
An example of an approvals matrix based on dollar amount.

How Is an Approvals Matrix Used in Process Automation?

An Approvals Matrix can be created and linked to an automated process to provide the process engine with the logic to route an approval appropriately. It can also be quickly changed to reflect the changing nature of the organization. In complex approval processes, this can be critical to prevent mistakes and delays.

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