Managing CapEx Requests in a Distributed Organization

In a small company, getting a approval for a capital expenditure (CapEx) request is pretty straightforward. You put together your request, walk over to the President or owner of the company and ask if you can spend the money. In a mid-sized company, things get a little more complex. There may be a few different people you have to talk to or email with to […]


10 Things HR Departments Can Automate with Workflow Management

Human Resource departments handle a lot of emails, forms and phone calls each day. To the average employee it may seem like shooting a simple email request over to HR is a pretty simple thing but multiply your request by the number of employees at your company and add it to the fact that HR staff are already in the middle of countless projects when your […]


The 7 Key Attributes of a Workflow Automation Project

Alignment with organizational goals and policies This is probably a given, but any workflow automation project should be born out of the goals of an organization and designed to follow the instituted policies. Often workflow automation is brought in because the organizational goal is to improve efficiency or internal customer service. The project should adhere to those goals and be consistently described in those terms. […]


Where is Your Glue?

Every large organization maintains a portfolio of applications that help get things done: Accounting, CRM, MRM, ERP, etc. Each of these enterprise applications does what it does extremely well. Some do several things very well, for instance an application like NetSuite does a laudable job across CRM, accounting, ERP, etc. However, it’s likely that even organizations using something like NetSuite are also using several other […]


5 Signs Your Business Needs Workflow Automation Software

When we talk to businesses about workflow automation for the first time we often hear that for a long time they A) didn’t know they had a problem and B) had no idea what to do when they realized they actually had a problem. We think this is understandable given that “workflow” isn’t necessarily something people spend a lot of time thinking about unless they’re […]


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