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Why We Love Those Tracking Numbers

Remember the first time you looked up a FedEx tracking number and saw exactly where your package was during it’s long journey to your door? Hold that feeling for a moment. A 1995 New York Times article indicates that FedEx started providing package tracking to customers in November of that year. Hilariously titled “Companies Use Web Hoping to Save Millions,” the article says: “Since last […]


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A Tale of Two Employee Onboarding Experiences

Experts have long said that the way an employee is brought into a company, those first few weeks, are critical to long-term success. Unfortunately, many companies still onboard poorly or have no onboarding process at all. Below, we attempt to illustrate what victims of a bad onboarding program go through and how it impacts their opinion of the company and their chances for achieving success. […]


Best Posts of 2016

Our Top 10 Posts of 2016

We Bid Adieu to a Long, Strange Year After a long and bizarre year, we’re looking back at what we posted in 2016 and selecting the best content based on traffic and feedback. We talked a lot about compliance and process optimization as well as employee self-service and difficult customers. Hopefully, we educated and entertained along the way. The Complete Guide to Business Process Management: […]


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IT Request Handling: Rolling Your Own System with Request Management

IT request handling is one of the more common uses for request management software. Despite a wide array of point solutions for handling IT requests, IT folks are an industrious lot and often would rather build solutions to exact standards than shoehorn a solution into their way of working. More and more, employees are expecting a customized, easy-to-use system for requesting internal services. They want their […]


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What Are Companies Automating?

As more and more companies embrace the idea of automated business workflow, we thought we’d stop and document some of the great ways we’ve seen customers incorporate Integrify throughout their organization. Looking to inspire the rest of your company to get on the automation wagon? Print it out and just casually leave it lying around the office. They’ll get the hint. How is your organization […]


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