Keep Calm and Change On: Why People Hate Change and How To Help

“Back to school” at our house spells trouble – my son, now in the second grade, comes unglued every year. He whines about everything, cries at the drop of a hat and steadfastly refuses to cooperate. I try to keep in mind that any rational child would be discontent at being thrust back indoors and put on a rigid schedule after months of sunshine, adventure and freedom. Add in the unknown elements of


Flowchart Friday: 3 Old School Rap Lyric Flowcharts

For Flowchart Friday this week we’re going old school. Old school rap to be more specific. While there could be some debate about the quality of the actual music in some of the referenced examples here, there’s no debate that these are funny. Also, if you have ideas for flowcharts we should feature, let us know at mike.raia(at) To see past Flowchart Fridays visit:   […]


Flowchart Friday: Engineering 101

Every Friday we feature an entertaining flowchart. We love flowcharts. We do it for a living in fact. Granted the flowcharts we build are for complex business processes rather than, say, explaining how to hack a computer in a Hollywood movie, but we still appreciate them for what they are. This week we look at the most basic of engineering processes. This chart is hard […]


Flowchart Friday: How to Hack a Computer in an Action Movie

Every Friday we’ll feature an entertaining flowchart for your amusement. Sometimes our own, sometimes someone else’s. Given our appreciation for the new hit show on USA Network, Mr. Robot, we thought we’d feature an oldie but goodie by Owen Parsons for College Humor.


Man harshly confronted by paper-based workflow.

Paperless Workflow: The Dream and the Reality

Paperless Workflow or “The Paperless Office” sound like great ideas but surprisingly, many businesses, large and small still rely on paper-based communication to manage requests, complete forms and even communicate (interoffice mail envelopes are still in use). At last estimate, 5 million tons of office paper were still being used each year in the U.S. alone. Resistance to going digital and automating even basic processes […]


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