Manage Security Incidents Better with Workflow Automation

Whether you’re a national retailer, international pharmaceutical company or a small university, security breaches can have a devastating effect on your business. As fast food chain Wendy’s sifts through the latest credit card breach incident some involved in the incident have mentioned the limitations of having a widely dispersed workforce (in this case thousands of independently-owned franchises) when it comes to reporting, tracking and managing security incidents. […]


Flowchart Friday: Flowcharts in the News

It’s been a while since we did a Flowchart Friday but since flowcharts have been in the news a bit lately it seemed a good time to bring it back. Some of these are useful, some are just plain geeky. Should You Get Tested For Zika Virus? A Flowchart Clinton aide Reines made a flow chart for who could ride in a limo with the […]


Another Way You Might Not Be Using Email Properly

Life hacking and all-around uber-helpful site published an excellent article about how we use email improperly called “Top 10 Ways You’re Probably Using Email Wrong.” Everyone who uses email (which would be, essentially, everybody) should go read the article. The only thing more impressive than the sheer amount of helpful information and links is the number of times the article is dead-on about how […]


5 Great Things That Happen When You Put Your Business Workflow in the Cloud

Cloud-based workflow management can have a dramatic impact on the productivity and efficiency on any organization. In some cases you may be replacing manual processes with an automated system. In other cases you may be moving from a legacy application like SharePoint or Lotus with limited workflow capabilities. In either case great things will happen. Here are five results you can expect. More Focus on Core Responsibilities […]


Finance Teams Are Spending Too Much Time Processing Transactions recently published an article from business benchmarking firm APQC called “How Finance People Spend Their Time.” The results were probably not surprising to anyone running a Finance team. Finance teams are spending 49% of their time on transaction processing and only 17-20% of their time on “Decision Support.” That’s not a ratio most Finance leaders are happy to hear. Their vision is of a […]


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