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telecommuting home tips

Real World Productivity Tips for Telecommuters

If you’re one of the 23% of workers who does some type of remote work, you probably already have opinions about what it means to have a home office. While there’s little doubt the flexibility of the role will inspire jealousy in others, it’s not necessarily a dream come true. Telecommuting has a lot of perks, but it can also feel incredibly isolating. Without the external pressure to finish tasks […]


negative coworker productivity

How to Stay Productive When Dealing with Negative Co-Workers

You likely don’t need a cited study to prove negative co-workers can have a major effect on how much you get done in a day, but we’ll let you in on a small statistic anyway. An Associate Professor at Georgetown University and her colleagues found that a constantly pessimistic and negative coworker affects you up to seven times more than a co-worker who spreads nothing but good cheer. […]


unexpected free time management

How to Be (More) Productive During Unexpected Free Time

For many of us, our work days are jam-packed, from the moment we arrive until we finally drag ourselves away from our desks for the day, lamenting “I wish things would slow down, so I could work on [insert a multitude of projects or tasks here.]” However, when unexpected downtime actually arrives (long afternoon meeting cancelled!), the irony is that many people aren’t sure what […]


integrify new version

Integrify Just Got Even Better

Spring is here and we’re officially releasing a new version of Integrify (cue chirping birds). You can check out the full list of features, videos and more here. Over the last few months, we asked several of our customers to use and provide feedback on the latest version of Integrify and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Now we’re releasing it to all customers and the rest […]


process management offense vs. defense

Play Both Offense and Defense with Process Management

No business, small or large can survive by remaining static. Agile companies with a focus on process improvement can play defense against unexpected assaults like: Economic changes The launch of new products or services Changes in regulations Changing leadership Mergers, acquisitions or divestitures The need to adapt to new technologies Changes in the market External and internal changes can force companies to improve their business […]


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