Your Onboarding Process Is Critical

The employee onboarding process is your company’s first opportunity to give a new employee a sense of: onboarding process first day

  • What it will be like working for your company
  • How much your company respects individual contributors
  • The importance being placed on their role
  • The long-term prospects for your company

The hiring process and onboarding process set a tone for an employee’s career with your company. Is the process an afterthought? Is it poorly organized, inconsistent and disrespectful? You may have had a poor onboarding experience yourself and thought “Did I make the right decision accepting this job?”

Automating the process for onboarding new employees ensures not only a standardized, consistent and organizationally-sactioned approach but it provides hiring managers with a much easier experience with their new hires. Customized employee portals house intake forms and automated workflows route information around the organization. The same system is used by the hiring manager, the employee and HR, which ensures everyone has access to the information they need.

Onboarding Process Automation Benefits:

  • A better employee experience
  • Consistent, standardized process
  • Efficiency for hiring managers
  • Accurate employee data capture
  • Faster new employee processing
  • Complete audit trail of all activities

Need Onboarding Ideas?

We published an onboarding toolkit for HR People + Strategy that provides a toolkit for building a stronger employee onboarding plan that can be automated. Get onboarding facts and tips on what to include in your program.

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Download our HR Workflow Automation Guide

Download our HR Workflow Automation Guide

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“Getting new employees on board faster means our clients will get medical professionals ready to deliver care more quickly,” said Tim Sahouri, CIO, Medcor.

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