A wide variety of enterprise workflow and request management solutions have been built with Integrify across all departments, industries and scenarios.

Integrify is the solution for every department

Designed for All Departments IT Services Finance Operations Compliance and Policy Initiatives Human Resources Marketing and Sales Higher Education

Designed for All Departments

Integrify is ready for your department. Build hyper-specific workflows that make your department more efficient and productive.


IT Services

IT departments can allow employees to submit project requests, gather approvals, request IT support, see status updates and more.

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Finance Operations

Fiscal responsibility is more central to businesses today than ever before. Automate workflows for budget approvals, accounts payable, purchase requests, and any other financial process.

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Compliance and Policy Initiatives

Automate workflows for regulatory disclosure processes, legal hold processes, litigation services and more. Integrify is built with compliance and control in mind.

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Human Resources

Make HR forms and procedures easier to process, cut down on administrative oversight for new hires,  automate HR form submissions and more.

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Marketing and Sales

Automate product requests, discount authorization, PR approvals, sales contract reviews, marketing collateral approval and much more.

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Higher Education

When it comes to managing requests and workflows in higher education, accuracy, accountability and user experience are critical.

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higher education


Integrify for your industry

Your organization has processes and requests that go beyond the norm—we get that. That’s why our request management solution adapts to your challenges and goals. Not only has our software been developed with flexibility in mind, but we constantly innovate to find new ways to make Integrify more versatile.

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healthcare business process management



Providers feel the pressure to drive down costs, increase the level of patient care, and conform to stricter and more complex insurance regulations. Integrify's workflow solution helps healthcare providers decrease overall administration costs, standardize processes, increase the quality of service delivery, monitor and accelerate payment collection, and tighten audit trails to ensure regulatory compliance. Extend the value of your core healthcare systems.
finance business process management



Organizations in this space face increased scrutiny on process activity and new accountability regulations in an increasingly volatile climate. Financial service providers have to move faster than ever to increase operational efficiency and drive customer loyalty. Integrify improves insight and transparency across business operations. It’s software that complies with complex regulations and plan organization, system, and asset changes following a merger or acquisition.
MFG business process management



Manufacturing industries are the chief wealth producing sectors of an economy. These industries use various technologies and methods widely known as manufacturing process management with massive data, complex systems, evolving mobile technologies. Manufacturers must navigate change faster than ever. Adapt more easily with Integrify. Design, execute, manage, and optimize critical processes. Keep your business thriving, no matter the challenges you face.
science business process management

Pharma & Biotech

Pharma & Biotech

Major regulatory oversight and legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA create huge obstacles for streamlined process management in the life sciences industry. Ensuring visibility, improving services to a changing user base, achieving product safety and efficient distribution, and enforcing regulatory disclosure approvals are just a few of the needs these organizations face. Integrify solves these issues with faster response to change and ensured regulatory compliance. Our customers include two of the top five pharmaceutical companies in the world. We know this industry better than anyone.
government business process management



There is a demand today that public organizations be more transparent, collaborative, and cost-effective. Integrify helps you meet compliance by integrating with your databases and optimizing your web services. Non-technical users can easily configure processes, forms, routing, and reports from the web. Integrify makes your organization more flexible, so you can exceed new mandates as they continue to affect how your organization does its work.
education business process management



The education sector is faced with simplifying and reducing the need for human data entry, working with budget constraints, and responding to changing government regulations. Any activity that has financial impact must pass through a rigorous workflow, getting reviewed or approved by a varying set of stakeholders in academic or administrative positions. Integrify streamlines the review and approval process, limiting paper-based processes and showing you the full impact of your budget requests.

Integrify Partnership Program

We are committed to achieving success by working together. Integrify chooses to partner with companies that help us expand our markets and capabilities. We forge complementary relationships with our resellers that last for many beneficial years. If you are a system integrator, consulting provider, OEM, or reseller who wants to increase revenue by satisfying customers, we have something to talk about.


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