Automating the Fence Permit Application Process

By Toni Buffa | Published March 22, 2024

Do I need a permit for that? Fence permitting requirements are not universal. Some municipalities require permits; others do not. For those who do, it can be a manual process to get the paperwork sorted, filed, sent to the right department, and ensure the next steps are in order. By having this process automated, the manual hassle is gone. All of the steps will be preformed the same way each time. This will ensure consistency and reliability for both your employees and customers. 

Integrify offers free, downloadable process apps for our customers. One of those is our Fencing Permit Application. This process enables a guest user to apply for a Fence Permit. The application requires necessary details like contractor information, construction cost, fence type, etc. After submission, the Zone Inspector Admin will complete the Zoning information. The City Zone Inspector will review, approve, or deny the application. The requester will receive an email notification with the outcome, whether it is approved or denied. As with all our process applications, customization is possible to suit your organization's requirements.

Here is the prebuilt process and form:


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If this process would benefit your municipalities, reach out to Integrify for a personalized demo!

The following video provides a quick overview of the Integrify workflow automation platform. For a longer version, visit our full video demo.

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