Integrify introduces Forms-to-Flow Service

By Integrify Posted January 11, 2010

Integrify introduces a new service that brings simplicity in adding process management to corporate forms

Chicago, IL – January 12th, 2010 - Integrify Software, Inc., a leading provider of Enterprise Request Management (ERM) software, is offering a new full-service offering that allows customers to convert existing paper or static forms into web forms with process management capabilities. Utilizing Integrify OnDemand’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, customers can now simply embed web form widgets on their web pages that trigger approvals and tasks while capturing a complete process audit trail.

The Forms-to-Flow Service is a service where every customer has their own secure hosted account to centralize and manage their forms and processes while making user interaction with forms all within a company’s own website environment.

We have found that many customers have the need but not the time to automate processes that exist behind their forms, said David Willsey, CEO, Integrify. With our latest Forms-to-Flow Service, customers can now lean on Integrify process experts to create their forms and define their processes without having to go through any process administration training. This full-service offering is cost effective and should have a high adoption rate among end users by allowing them to interact with their forms and tasks within their familiar corporate websites.

Integrify, which is available either on-premise as licensed server software or as a hosted service, offers a 100% Web-based solution to streamline business processes, centrally manage user requests from multiple locations, streamline workflow and operations, automate business processes, and provide increased compliance, visibility, and efficiency across organizations.

Integrify's OnDemand software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution provides the full functionality of Integrify via the Internet without the need to install and maintain software. It reduces the risk, cost and time when implementing a solution for process management. Instead of installing the software on its own site, a company can directly access the software, updates, and infrastructure, which are all maintained by Integrify, freeing up time and resources to focus on business.

Integrify is built with a widget architecture that allows Integrify web forms, tasks, reports and more to be embedded onto to web pages that reside outside of the Integrify portal. With the Forms-to-Flow Service, customers will be able to provide a form to Integrify and have that form turned into a web form widget that can be placed on any web page. Once a user completes and submits a form, tasks can be triggered from within the form’s defined process in the customer's Integrify OnDemand account. These approval or fulfillment tasks can be completed by their responsible parties while maintaining a completed audit trail that includes status updates and reports.

The Forms-to-Flow Service is designed to quickly and easily get forms online that have a minimal number of steps in their process flow. By having Integrify provide this as a managed service, there is no need for customers to introduce and support new in-house technology. Starting at only $6,000 per year, customers won’t have to break the bank to start making process improvements and saving money associated with manual processes and paper forms. said Willsey.

Integrify OnDemand is based on the award-winning Integrify Enterprise Request Management (ERM) solution that helps organizations reduce cost and improve employee satisfaction by providing process definition, workflow automation and visibility for areas such as IT, HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing and other types of services.

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