Integrify Introduces Lean BPM for SharePoint

By Integrify | Published November 17, 2010

The integration extends the value of the industry-leading Integrify's Lean BPM Suite for users of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 or 2010 (MOSS)

Chicago, IL – November 8th, 2010 - Integrify, a leading provider of Lean BPM software, today announced the availability of Integrify for SharePoint. The integration extends the value of the industry-leading Integrify's Lean BPM Suite for users of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 or 2010 (MOSS). By making it easy to import process data from Integrify into SharePoint, or to invoke a process in Integrify from SharePoint, Integrify's Lean BPM for SharePoint continues Integrify's mission to offer the most flexible, easy-to-use and comprehensive Lean BPM suite on the market.

While SharePoint provides basic workflow capabilities to support simple processes such as document approval, when customers need to automate complex, mission-critical processes; they turn to enterprise business process management tools such as Integrify. As many organizations have found, the true cost of ownership when attempting to manage processes and workflows in SharePoint increases as the complexity of the processes and the need for modifications rise. Not only will the organization have to have a skilled software developer to make changes, but the time to implement them is also increased due to the write/compile/deploy methodology required by SharePoint. In this model, process owners are reliant on IT to get anything done whereas, with a true Lean BPM suite like Integrify, process administrators have the ability to make those changes without the need for rewriting code.

"Business process management and workflow are areas where SharePoint's basic capabilities fall short in adding value to their investment," said David Willsey, President and CEO of Integrify. "Customers that have SharePoint can now use Integrify as a powerful yet simple interface for bringing process and workflow management into the hands of SharePoint users."

Integrify provides a unique combination of both robust process management and ease-of-use that can handle many of the more complex process requirements that become too difficult to manage with SharePoint's limited and often cumbersome workflow capabilities. Integrify's latest SharePoint API Kit and SharePoint Plugin are designed to extend the capabilities of your existing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 or 2010 system with the enterprise BPM capabilities offered by Integrify. Now, customers looking to leverage the collaborative, ad-hoc nature of a SharePoint site and its document management tools can experience the best of both Integrify's Lean BPM and what SharePoint does best – Content and Document Management.

The Integrify SharePoint Kit allows organizations to:

Configure processes to kick-off as documents arrive into SharePoint or as other events occur (e.g. check-in, check-out, or create versions). This sample Windows Service scans the SharePoint document library and initiates new Integrify requests when new files are added to the specified folder in SharePoint.
Embed Integrify web parts such as a list of open tasks or an Integrify form into a SharePoint dashboard, allowing users to easily track process performance, handle tasks, and escalate actions from their Microsoft SharePoint dashboard.
The Integrify SharePoint Plugin allows organizations to:

Upload a file that is submitted on an Integrify form through a file attachment question to the specified document library (and folder) in SharePoint.

For more information about Integrify pricing or to request a demo, please contact Integrify at 888-536-9629.

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