Automation Use Case: Client Matter Intake

By Toni Buffa | Published August 29, 2023

When collecting client information, processes need to be standardized, organized, and efficient. That's why we have a prebuilt solution for firms to make the Client Matter Intake process run smoothly each time.

Law firms go through client intake to onboard new clients and obtain necessary personal information for their cases. Collecting data for new clients or businesses is typically a manual and paper-heavy process. When dealing with legal work and documents, the last thing you want is to be disorganized, misplace a document, run into bottlenecks, or have to constantly be communicating back and forth with attorneys on who is assigned what case. Especially when communicating with different departments that each need to collect different clients, matters, and information.

That is why we have a prebuilt solution for this use case. Integrify's Client Matter Intake Process App is prebuilt and ready for your legal team. With the form and process already designed, you are able to input your recipients and assignments and begin your intake process faster and more efficiently. Here is the form and process that has been built out by our team:



Integrify offers a wide variety of different process apps for any department in your organization. From legal to HR, any process at your organization can be automated. And with these prebuilt process apps, your organization can get automated processes up and running quickly. Reach out to Integrify for a personalized demo and see how we can help your organization become more efficient.


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Toni Buffa

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