Integrify CapEx Demonstration Webinar

CapEx Workflow Demonstration

This video details how Integrify can manage capital expenditure (CapEx) requests within an organization. If you'd like to see how we can automate CapEx in your organization, please request a live demonstration.

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  • Chapter 1, Form Building: 0:19
  • Chapter 2, Approvals: 1:22
  • Chapter 3, Email Approvals: 3:57
  • Chapter 4, Request Detail Page: 5:03
  • Chapter 5, User Menu: 6:37
  • Chapter 6, Delegations: 9:13
  • Chapter 7, Dashboard: 9:54
  • Chapter 8, Adding Data to a Grid: 11:28
  • Chapter 9, Excel Copy & Paste: 12:32

We have a template for that! Get a headstart on automating your CapEx Process with our CapEx process template. Just import the template, customize, and launch your new process.

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