Avoiding The Pitfalls of BPM

Are you looking for an elegant solution to a handful of workflow problems or a complex solution to manage all your organization’s business processes? The solutions for these two scenarios are quite different.

The problem for some companies is that they are looking for a simple solution to a handful of process problems, and they don’t need, nor do they want, an overwhelming set of options and tools that are intended to manage every process in the business.

For companies who want to rapidly and simply automate manual tasks in the fastest, easiest manner, workflow management may be just the right fit. The benefit of going with an off-the-shelf workflow management solution for these organizations is that they can be managing their processes within a few weeks rather than several months to a year.

A workflow management system allows companies to distribute process management to business users within the organizations rather than relying on one person in the IT department to handle additions and changes because it’s easy to use.

This downloadable resource will cover: 

  • What is Business Process Management (BPM)?
  • BPM Software as a Solution
  • The Alternative: Workflow Management
  • Portal + Forms + Workflow + Reporting
  • When is Workflow Management Enough?
  • The Integrify Advantage