Integrify brings Single Sign-On service to SaaS customers

By Integrify Posted August 2, 2009

New Single Sign-On Service delivers greater integration and user management for Integrify OnDemand customers

Chicago, IL – August 3rd, 2009 - Integrify Software, Inc. a leading provider of Enterprise Request Management software announce today that its hosted SaaS offering, Integrify OnDemand, allows customers to improve user productivity and convenience with the new Integrify Single Sign-On (SSO) service.

Integrify, which is available either on-premise as licensed server software or as a hosted service, offers a 100% Web-based solution to streamline business processes, centrally manage user requests from multiple locations, streamline workflow and operations, automate business processes, and provide increased compliance, visibility and efficiency across organizations.

With the new Integrify OnDemand SSO Service, organizations can now authenticate their users internally using Windows Integrated Authentication, Active Directory or LDAP bind or custom authentication schemes. This service will allow users to access their externally hosted Integrify OnDemand account without having to be prompted for their username and password once they are already authenticated within their organization.

For a customer's internal users, the SSO service works by having the internal users browse to which brings them to the Integrify OnDemand SSO Web Client - a small web site running on the organization's internal network. This website is configured to authenticate users against their internal Active Directory. Once the user is authenticated, their User ID is passed to Integrify OnDemand along with a shared token and secret which is signed using OAuth. If the signed token, secret and User ID match, the user is presented with the Integrify Portal and may use any of the features available to them. For a customer's external users, they simply browse to and log in directly to the Integrify Portal.

"This update to Integrify OnDemand is a real breakthrough for our SaaS customers, because now they can improve user productivity and convenience by reducing employee frustration with multiple log-in events and remembrance of passwords. It will also help reduce costs associated with Help Desk fielding user authentication support calls." remarked Rich Trusky, CTO of Integrify.

Integrify's OnDemand solution provides the full functionality of Integrify via the Internet without the need to install and maintain software. It reduces the risk, cost and time when implementing a solution for process management. Instead of installing the software on its own site, a company can directly access the software, updates, and infrastructure, which are all maintained by Integrify, freeing up time and resources to focus on business.

About Integrify®, Inc.

Integrify® is based in Chicago, Illinois. Integrify® is a premier enterprise software provider of next-generation process improvement software for managing internal controls, request and authorization management processes and corporate compliance initiatives. The company, which focuses on improving corporate productivity with web-based software and superior service, has created software that enables enterprises to comply with corporate governance, legislation and realize cost savings by optimizing business processes.

Integrify®'s customers include GlaxoSmithKline, BP, Staples, Beal Bank and Stewart Lender Services. Integrify® and the associated Integrify® logo are registered trademarks of Integrify®, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.


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