Integrify® Introduces New Onsite and Web-based Training Program

By Integrify | Published July 7, 2010

Chicago, IL – July 8th, 2010 - Integrify® Software, Inc. (, a leading provider of Lean BPM software, announced the availability of a new online and onsite training program aimed to enhance the skills for users at all levels of Integrify®.

The latest training program will offer courses that specialize in different capabilities of the Integrify® v 5.0 BPM software. Integrify®'s training courses will teach both business and IT users how to effectively use, customize, and develop Integrify® Lean BPM solutions.

Integrify® 5.0 is a 100% web-based Lean BPM solution that helps organizations reduce cost and improve employee satisfaction by providing process definition, workflow automation and visibility for areas such as Information Technology, Human Resources, Finance, Sales, Marketing and other types of services.

Integrify® 5.0 is a lean, light but powerful BPM solution with a focus on quick implementation and ease of use. The Web 2.0 interface lets you quickly turn your ideas into a working process. Available as an OnPremise BPM (installed) license or as a Cloud BPM service (SaaS), Integrify® 5.0 makes process management faster and more cost-effective by putting the ability to develop workflow in the hands of the end users, not just the IT team, enabling faster adoption and delivering better results.

Integrify® v 5.0 offers increased flexibility in Business Process Management (BPM), including the introduction of the Integrify® Widget Architecture, enhanced graphical reporting and metrics, improved user interface configuration and new features for process design with equal support in both the Integrify® Cloud BPM and OnPremise BPM solutions.

The latest training program allows customers to sign up for courses that are geared towards the specific area they need training for, said David Willsey, CEO, Integrify®. Whether attendees are power users, administrators that need specific training on reports or process development or end users that need basic functionality review, these courses are now available to assist customers on their own schedules.

The Integrify® Training Program includes the following courses:

  • Integrify® Fundamentals - participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of Integrify® that are essential for an end-user, process developer, or administrator.
  • Integrify® Process Developers - focuses on the design, development, and management of the business process within Integrify®.
  • Integrify® Administrators - designed to give participants a comprehensive view of the Integrify® System.
  • Integrify® Advanced Reporting - Ensure that your team is exploiting all of the reporting features with Integrify®'s Advanced Reporting course.
  • Integrify® Executive Training - targeted (and often customized) to focus on the specific needs of managers and executives in the organization.
  • Integrify® Power Users - focuses on extending Integrify® with development of custom widgets, use of the API, the web service task and advanced database topics.
  • Integrify® Custom Training - Integrify® also can a deliver custom training solution that focuses on the specific needs of your organization.

Pricing and Availability

For more information about Integrify®’s Training Program or pricing details, please contact Integrify® at 888-536-9629.

About Integrify®, Inc.

Integrify® is based in Chicago, Illinois. Integrify® is a premier enterprise software provider of next-generation process improvement software for managing internal controls, request and authorization management processes and corporate compliance initiatives. The company, which focuses on improving corporate productivity with web-based software and superior service, has created software that enables enterprises to comply with corporate governance, legislation and realize cost savings by optimizing business processes.

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