Form Approval Workflow

Design and Route Approval Forms Intelligently

Modern form approval processes require accurate data and quick turnarounds. This is difficult if the process is bogged down by static, out-of-date, manual forms created in Excel, Word or paper.

With intelligent form approvals using Integrify's workflow automation platform, you can have a dramatic impact on how critical approvals happen in your organization.

form approval workflow example

Replace Your Basic Forms with Something Better!

Sure, Integrify has an intuitive form publisher that lets you create dynamic, responsive forms with all the logic and layout design tools you want. But where Integrify shines is in our sophisticated workflow routing engine.

Build Better Approval Forms

Using our low-code, drag-and-drop tools, you can design form approval workflows as complex as your organization demands.

  • Build multi-level, multi-step form approval processes.
  • Use conditional logic to route approval forms based on form data.
  • Add business rules to ensure company standards are met at each step.
  • Assign tasks and approvals based on seniority, role, form data, etc.
  • Create single, group, or multi-tiered approvals.
  • Set up reminders, escalations, notifications, and time-outs.

create custom approval processes
Create custom approval processes with drag and drop ease.

Benefits of Forms + Workflow

  • Faster approval times.
  • Reduced manual work.
  • Fewer emails, phone calls, messages.
  • Fewer status meetings and questions.
  • Less time digging for the right form.

See Integrify in Action

Integrify will transform your approval processes. Watch a 2-minute video demonstration and see what's possible with form approvals in Integrify.


How Integrify Works

Creating automated form workflows in Integrify is easy with our user-friendly form designer and process builder.

Design a Beautiful Form

form used in workflow


Build the Approval Workflow

form approval process workflow


Publish It on Your Online Form Approval Portal

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Your approval forms are available to all users, whether they're employees, partners, vendors, citizens, or anyone else with a Web browser.


Interested in Automating Your Approval Workflow?

Moving off basic form tools like Google Forms, Jotform, Wufoo, Typeform, etc.? We have a variety of resources to help you on your journey to automated form workflow.