The End of Paper Cuts: 7 Benefits of Going Paperless

Through proven cloud-based technologies, including workflow automation solutions, companies can immediately enjoy the benefits of a paperless environment.


There are many benefits, internally and externally, that will come from becoming a paperless workplace. With any paper-based process, such as routing or approvals, it’s impossible to see where a document is in the process in real-time. Moreover, you may not know for days or weeks if the request has gone missing. Companies can immediately enjoy the benefits of a paperless environment through these proven cloud-based technologies. 

Becoming paperless will also benefit the environment in countless ways. Paper manufacturing is a major contributor to environmental pollution. Thus, companies that successfully reduce the influx of mail or paper-based forms subsequently create a smaller ecological footprint. 

At Integrify, we have helped countless companies start and become successful at reducing their paper consumption by using digital workflow automation. Becoming a paperless company is possible and worth the effort.

What We Cover: 

  • Sharing knowledge more effectively 
  • Boosting company security
  • Easier audits
  • Increased visibility with less paper
  • Making your organization more efficient 
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Benefiting the environment