How to Automate W-9 and I-9 Processes

By Toni Buffa | Published January 29, 2024

Ready to revolutionize your W-9 and I-9 processes?

Integrify has new process apps that allow you to automate the W-9 and I-9 processes seamlessly in your organization. (Form W-9 is filled out by independent contractors, whereas Form I-9 is required only for new employees.) 

This new video walks you through how easy it is to automate these processes. Watch this walkthrough, and transform how you handle W-9 and I-9 documentation today!

Automating W-9 and I-9 Processes with Integrify


Learn about advanced features that allow you to customize workflows and enhance automation further. Schedule a demo today for more information on how Integrify can make your processes more efficient.

Toni Buffa

Toni is a member of the Integrify marketing team and writes for the Integrify blog. Toni lives in Colorado and loves animals of all stripes.