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By Mike Raia Posted September 14, 2016


Some of our customers have come to us wondering how to better manage the thousands of combined tasks their departments handle each month. The sheer number of tasks requiring multiple follow-ups, emails and phone calls on their way to a successful resolution can be daunting. Fortunately, once teams automate their workflow processes with Integrify, they discover the beauty of the automated reminder.

There are several ways our customers use reminders to ensure that processes chug along as expected (or, sometimes, as mandated):

  • Based on the critical path of a process, reminders are set for anyone who needs to follow-up on an item.
  • Reminder windows suit the level of urgency or importance. A critical item could fire off a reminder within an hour. A less critical item perhaps, a week.
  • Reminders may be set to escalate upon reaching a specific period of inactivity, along with a notification to a second level of response.
  • Notifications are configured to contain all relevant information for the reviewer as well as a link to approve or reject from within the email. This speeds up approval time.

Something we've heard from customers who make smart use of reminders and notifications is that reminders sent out of Integrify get read and acted upon. They cut through the clutter of an overstuffed email inbox because the recipient knows they're relevant, timely and actionable. That can't be said of much of the email we receive every day.

Using Reminders in Integrify

The Reminders and Timeouts task setting allows you to specify specific time-based criteria when a task should be completed, send reminders on a specific interval, or time a task out if it is not completed in a specific time period.

Simply select the Reminders and Timeouts task setting from the settings menu (click the little gear icon in the upper left corner) for the task you would like to apply the time-based settings.  You will be presented with the following dialog:

For more on setting up reminders, visit our Help site.

Mike Raia

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