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By Mike Raia | Published November 13, 2019

Efficient or Productive?

People often confuse "efficiency" with "productivity." Let's differentiate the two. Setapp covers it nicely here:

"Put simply, productivity is the quantity of work produced by a team, business or individual. Efficiency, on the other hand, refers to the resources used to produce that work."

So you can be wildly productive but terribly inefficient. Like a pitcher who gets out a lot of batters but needs a lot of time and pitches to do so. An efficient pitcher works quickly and doesn't have to throw a lot of pitches. 

So how does this apply to your everyday work?

  • Do you come into the office each day and not know where to start?
  • Do you have to send ten emails to get an answer to a question?
  • Do you have long, painful meetings with no agenda?
  • Do you spend more money than budgeted to hit your goals?

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These are all signs of inefficiency in the workplace and they're also what's preventing you (and your co-workers) from making the most out of every day. We've collected several articles about the topic of efficiency to help make you more efficient AND productive. Because when you improve your efficiency you WILL get more done in the same amount of time. Or, perhaps even better, you'll get the same amount done but work fewer hours.

By the way, we think the best way to make your entire company more efficient is to implement workflow automation.

Efficiency Articles


How do you stay efficient and productive? Let us know in the comments.

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