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What are the top workflow management applications available?


best workflow management tools

Workflow management software is a deep and wide software category with a variety of vendor approaches from the complex to the straightforward. Some systems are designed to work primarily within a document management system (Nintex), some are designed for smaller businesses (Kissflow), while others are intended to connect disparate systems via middleware (Zapier).

The best workflow management software is the system that best suits your use case(s). We've listed several different types of workflow solutions to help you find the most appropriate for your needs.

Many workflow use cases involved approval processes, but that is hardly the extent of their usefulness. Workflow management users can create custom processes for everything from incident reporting to work orders. At the end of the day, the best workflow management tool is the one that meets your specific requirements.

Here we take a look at some of the top workflow management tools currently on the market in no particular order. Also consider reading our article, "Five Things to Ask a Workflow Management Vendor."

1. Nintex

Nintex began as a tool that worked inside of Microsoft's SharePoint document management system. Nintex has grown to offer new features as well as a version that works outside of SharePoint. Like most applications in the space, they offer forms, Sharepoint workflow design, and reporting. They also now offer RPA.

Their pricing is based on the number of processes, rather than the number of users.  Nintex's acquisition of Promapp gives them a tool for collaboration and management of processes. However, the use of Promapp is an additional cost.

2. Integrify

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Integrify is a low-code workflow management platform designed for ease of use and scalability. Integrify has been developing workflow management software for over 15 years and features drag and drop tools to create dynamic forms and design workflows. Unlimited workflows can be created and Integrify offers services for rapid implementation if needed.

Integrify offers both named and concurrent user options as well as cloud, private cloud, or on-premise versions.

3. Kissflow

Kissflow was designed for small businesses and offers scaled-down versions of form building and process design tools. Kissflow is best suited for small businesses with straightforward processes like vacation requests. 

Kissflow's pricing is based on a number of users or usage (enterprise plan).

4. Tallyfy

Tallyfy offers a unique, blueprint-based approach to process design. The interface resembles tools like Trello, with cards in columns and simple tracking tools. The approach takes some getting used to and there are limitation but Tallyfy serves a niche especially around project management.

Pricing is not available but they offer a free trial.

5. Zapier

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Unlike others on this list of workflow management vendors, Zapier's focus in on integration and connecting different software applications as part of a workflow. Zapier moves data and information between Web apps in an automated fashion to reduce manual hand-offs.

Zapier offers both free and paid versions based on the number of connections and steps.

6. Process Street

Process Street, like Tallyfy offers a unique take on the traditional workflow/process design concept, focusing on checklists as processes. The focus is on the tasks and integration involved in processes from a fairly linear perspective.

Process Street is free to a try but there are business plans to use additional processes and templates as well as additional features.

7. Ninox Database

Ninox differs from others on this list in that they focus on the database side of workflow, similar to tools like QuickBase. This allows users to build data-centric processes more easily.

8. Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is part of a large suite of tools from Zoho. These tools include everything from email clients, to meetings, to training systems. While this approach aims to provide something for everyone, each tool, including Zoho Creator, is limited compared to others in the market.

So which workflow software application should I buy?

As we mentioned earlier, the best workflow management solution is the one that best suits your needs. If you're looking primarily for a tool to integrate disparate Web applications as part of a workflow, you might consider Zapier. If you're looking for a more sophisticated solution to manage complex processes, forms, and enterprise integration, you might look at Integrify or Nintex.

Get Demonstrations

Ultimately, your best bet is to get live demonstrations of each option and ask a lot of questions. We've compiled a list of 5 Questions You Should Ask a Prospective Workflow Management Vendor.

Compare Features

We've also created a list of 8 Features Your Workflow Management System Must Have.

Use Software Directories

Some great places to find the best workflow include Capterra and G2, which are software directories that allow you to compare and contrast the different workflow management software providers.

If you have any questions about our tool or anything else related to your search, please feel free to contact us.

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