Workflow Software in Your Own Cloud

The scalability of cloud with the security of single-tenancy.

workflow cloud

Integrify also offers the flexibility to go beyond our standard Cloud multi-tenant offering to have your private workflow cloud that enhances the security and isolation of your data. This includes a dedicated Integrify server license not shared with any outer customers and your unique URL. It is fully managed by Integrify, meaning no additional licenses or maintenance will be required. 

Additional benefits include:

  • Isolated SQL Server database running on Amazon’s RDS
  • SSO Enabled (SAML2 supported)
  • Encryption at REST
  • VPN Connection to your network (optional)
  • Direct SQL Access
  • Dedicated Instance
  • International Hosting, if required

Why You'd Want Integrify in Your Own Private Cloud

Choose this option if you require data isolation, an encrypted database, a custom login page, or an SSO bridge. The private cloud also allows you to schedule your updates and allows for direct access to your SQL database. This option may require some involvement for internal IT if, for instance, a single sign-on is needed but is fully managed by Integrify. This option can be available shortly after subscribing to the service. No hardware is required on your part.

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