Employee Spotlight: Jack Biernacki

By Toni Buffa | Published February 1, 2022

We chatted with Jack Biernacki about his role in Business Development during his time at Integrify. Jack has been a part of the Integrify team for a little over 3 years and is the first person you may talk to at Integrify, as he reaches out to all customers who contact us! Thanks for all you do, Jack! 

Tell me about your role at Integrify.

Business Development is the bridge between prospects and customers. My role with the company is to reach out to customers who have contacted Integrify to uncover needs, introduce our product and set our prospects up for a successful first demo.

How long have you worked at Integrify?

I started with Integrify in October of 2018.

What's your experience been like working at Integrify?

I love the overall culture of Integrify. I love the fact that despite differences in titles and roles, everyone is heard at Integrify and treated with the same amount of respect they treat others with. I look forward to times where the staff can meet up outside of work because the people here are genuinely good people who you’re not trying to separate yourself from at the end of a workday.

What kind of problems do you like to solve?

I enjoy talking about the everyday use cases our prospects bring to the table (CapEx, HR, Accounting, etc.), but I always feel a different sense of pride in discussing niche use cases. I enjoy the challenge of connecting the dots of an individualized need to a flexible software like ours.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I am an avid (bad) golfer, I coach my son’s little league baseball team, my son and I are collecting baseball and football cards, and I always look forward to date nights with my wife of 15 years.

Is there anyone in particular that you really enjoy working with? 

It’s not fair to pinpoint just one, but since I was in closest proximity to three of them, I’ll give them each a shoutout.

  • Tom Rezk is as good of a “boss” as you’ll find. I use quotations for “boss” because even though I report to Tom, I like to think of us as business partners. My goals are aligned to his, and we work as a team to accomplish those goals. We’re also the same age, we enjoy talking about fantasy football and golfing together, and we can turn a quick check-in into a 45-minute call without blinking an eye.
  • You wouldn’t think a basic level employee would get a lot of face time with the company's CEO, but our CEO, Dave Willsey, is someone to who everyone has direct access to. It’s tough to know how you’re doing at your job sometimes, but Dave has given me immediate feedback on multiple occasions about his happiness with what I’ve been able to accomplish in my role. He’s taken the staff out for golf and a ballgame on his dime. He’s had to transition out of everyday grind into more of what a CEO does over the last 3+ years, and I believe you can’t do that if you don’t fully trust the people you’ve hired to fill those roles.
  • Mike Raia is the reason I took this job. I enjoyed working with him at a different stop in my career, and we were instant friends due to common interests and shared philosophies. Mike reached out to me personally in 2018 (3 years after we had stopped working together)  to ask a question about fantasy football, and 2 weeks later, I started working at Integrify. We see things the same way when it comes to business. He’s not your average marketing professional. He learns the ins and outs of the product he markets, and he’s as good a teacher as anyone I’ve worked with. Mike is the kind of person you don’t say no to when it comes to work, because if he’s asking you to do something, it means it’s the best thing for the company. I give him a ton of credit for developing my skills in Business Development.

Toni Buffa

Toni is a member of the Integrify marketing team and writes for the Integrify blog. Toni lives in Colorado and loves animals of all stripes.