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By Toni Buffa | Published November 8, 2022


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Having some bookmarked options of productivity tools will aid you when motivation is down. Some free productivity websites and apps are Pomodor, Google Tasks, Chrome Tabs, Todolist, Rescue Time, Notion, and Forest App. Take a look at each and see if any spark your interest.


Because motivation comes and goes quickly and unexpectedly, you can't count on it all the time. But you can count on your self-discipline to propel you forward. We all want to find efficient ways to get work done, stay organized, and save time during the day. With 1/3 of our week spent working, finding an app or method to assist you in making work easier and finding a productivity tool that best suits your way of working is essential.

To keep track of personal and work activities, here are seven free productivity apps to consider checking out:


Pomodor is a web browser app that runs in the background to keep you on track. This app is based on the Pomodoro technique. You can set your work duration time, short break and long break times, and how many rounds you'd like to run through. Working consistently throughout the focus time and taking small but frequent breaks will keep your productivity high.

Google Tasks

Google Tasks is a free tool that can be accessed from any device and is great for recording personal and work tasks. You can use Google Tasks to share your task lists with coworkers or friends, set reminders for yourself, and even create sub-tasks within larger projects. This makes it an ideal tool for recording action items that come from meetings or phone calls!

Chrome Tabs

While this may not be a productivity app, this Chrome feature can be essential to keep important Web pages open! The right-click menu on any tab in Chrome allows you to pin tabs, which means they'll always be visible no matter how many other tabs you open. This is useful for always keeping essential pages like your inbox or LinkedIn feed open so you can quickly check them out if something arises.


One of the best productivity apps for lists and Task Management is Todoist. Todoist will help you with task management and for incoming things that might become a bit overwhelming, like emails to respond to, customer follow-up, etc. You might not want to respond to that email immediately, but don’t want to miss out on responding.

Rescue Time

Rescue Time lets you take control of your time. It'll give you a personal daily focus work goal and will automatically keep track for you! While there is a paid version, the free version is enough for the average worker. Their goal is to spark personal growth by using your real-time data to create better habits based on your work style!


Notion is a multi-purpose app that allows one to take notes and perform basic task management functions. You can easily take notes, create organizational pages and folders, use built-in templates, and choose between multiple views (Kanban, tile, calendar, gallery, and timeline). All of these functions can be altered and set up exactly how you'd like in order to optimize your experience.

Forest App

I found Forest App one of the most interesting productivity tools during my search. Forest App has a Chrome Extension or can be downloaded on the App or Google Play Store. This app helps you stay focused by "planting a tree," and this tree will grow while you work, but be aware, if you leave the app – your tree will die! While this app also works as a game, it keeps you focused on growing your own forest! The best part is the Forest team partners with real-tree-planting organization Trees for the Future to plant trees on Earth.

Staying productive requires total dedication and self-discipline. I hope one of these tools stood out to you and sparked your interest. These tools will help you make the most of every day and help you increase your productivity in life and at work!

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