What Are Companies Automating?

By Mike Raia Posted November 21, 2019


As more and more companies embrace the idea of automated business workflow, we thought we'd stop and document some of the great ways we've seen customers incorporate workflow automation throughout their organization.

Looking to inspire the rest of your company to get on the automation wagon? Print it out and just casually leave it lying around the office. They'll get the hint.

Automation Infographic

Department by department, the urge to automate is taking over. Manual processes involving spreadsheets and email are replaced by smart automation and task management. Here are thirty-four ideas for you to consider in your organization by way of an infographic. You can also download our List of Use Case Examples.

infographic: what are companies automating

How is your organization using automation? Let us know in the comments.

Mike Raia

Marketing the world's best workflow automation software and drinking way too much coffee. https://about.me/mikeraia


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