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What Is an Intake Form?

An intake form collects all the necessary information an organization or department needs to properly assess and route an individual or request through a business process.

Examples include:

Intake Forms and Routing for Any Business

Intake form software provides your employees, vendors, and customers with a convenient, user-friendly intake process.

  1. Users can complete user-friendly intake forms, track progress, and receive alerts/reminders via email or directly on their devices as statuses change.
  2. Once forms are submitted, they are routed based on the business rules you set, based on any form fields.
  3. All activity related to every request is tracked for complete visibility.
  4. Bottlenecks in the process are identified and streamlined for faster turnaround time.

Best of all, our form intake software is entirely customizable to your needs, no matter your use case.

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Form Intake Description/Summary

In the diagram above, you can see how the system collects, tracks, and routes individual requests to the proper staff for processing.

  • Internal and external users have access to an intake portal where they can submit service requests, track the status of their requests.
  • They can also take any necessary follow-up actions and provide feedback to staff regarding request fulfillment.
  • Portal administrators create request-specific forms that collect all required information to ensure that the system delivers request information in the proper format.
  • Administrators also create business rules that route submitted forms as needed.
  • Processes can be simple, single-threaded flows that go from A to B to C or complex, multi-threaded flows that branch off based on logic built-in to the workflow.

Additional Features

Request intake form systems provide tools for developing workflows that follow preset business rules and ensure that requests are assigned to the best person to handle them. You can base assignments on a role, management level, department, or any other attribute.

  • Alerts can be configured to indicate that a new request has been submitted.
  • Also, reminders can be set at preset intervals that ensure that assigned staff handle requests promptly.
  • Escalations and task delegations ensure that backups are in place in case of inaction or staff vacations.
  • The requester can track the progress of the request and see who is currently working on it.

Document Intake

If your intake process requires collecting documents and files, you can build custom, web-based document collection forms that meet your specific business needs. Clients, employees, and vendors can review requirements and then attach relevant files to be routed through your organization for review, approval, and filing.

A document intake form simplifies the process of collecting critical information and ensures documentation requirements are met, streamlining the intake process and reducing turnaround times.

Use Case: Client Intake

client intake formThe intake process sets the foundation for the ongoing relationship between the client and the vendor. It is the critical step where client and project information is collected for use throughout a project lifecycle.

The process usually begins with an information form being completed either by the client or the vendor. The information may include:

  • Client point of contact details
  • Additional client contacts information
  • Executive sponsor
  • Project description/executive summary
  • Project start and end dates
  • Deliverable confirmation
  • Billing information

Interested in Improving Intake Processes?

We have a variety of resources to help you on your journey to an automated intake workflow.

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