Research Workflow Automation

Improve research consistency, compliance, and efficiency with scientific research workflow automation.

Regardless of the area of research your team manages, adding an automation platform to your research tool portfolio can drastically improve outcomes and standards from Design to Publication.

research workflow

research workflow

Workflow Automation for Research Teams

Automating your research processes provides a variety of benefits, from compliance to efficiency. As laboratories modernize operations, digital tools that improve collaboration and standardization have moved to the forefront. Reducing the time from ideas to deliverables is helping universities, pharmaceuticals, biotech, government agencies, and other research-intensive industries improve outcomes and profitability.


Research team members follow a standardized protocol throughout the research process.

  • Research tasks are defined and must be completed in the specified order.
  • Required documentation standards are automatically enforced.
  • Reviewers and approvers are assigned automatically based on pre-set rules.
  • Transparency is assured for all team members.

Document Routing

Set up custom document routing rules to ensure critical reports reach the proper stakeholders.

  • Use our drag-and-drop process builder to design document routing protocols.
  • Assign document reviews and approvals and track time, date, user, and actions taken.
  • Route any kind of documents or files with unlimited storage.
  • Make workflow more efficient with alerts, reminders, and escalations.


Information security is critical for research teams, and the most heavily regulated industries trust Integrify to keep data safe.

  • Granularly define access roles and groups.
  • Securely store documents and files.
  • Integration with SSO/ADFS/SAML2.0
  • Meets SOC 2/3, HIPAA, FDA/21 CFR Part 11 requirements.


Integrify is designed to improve the efficiency of laboratory operations by streamlining processes and keeping tasks moving forward.

  • Everyone follows the same process, reducing redundancy, emails, phone calls, etc.
  • Alerts, reminders, and escalations ensure tasks are completed on time.
  • Any steps that can be automated are handled directly by the system.
  • Information is routed to the right people at the right time.

Interested in Automating Your Research Processes?

We have a variety of resources to help you research process automation and efficiency.