eBook: BPM As an Enterprise Capability

To reach its full potential, BPM must be developed and integrated as a continuous corporate support discipline.

BPM Maturity Pattern eBookBusiness Process Management (BPM) is one of the topics that companies are often researching, attempting, or using successfully. They want to use BPM approaches to enhance their processes and assure best practices in their day-to-day work practices.

However, to achieve long-term success, we must regard BPM as an enterprise capability ingrained in the business structure, rather than just a set of methodologies, techniques, and software tools.

In this eBook, we discuss why BPM should sit alongside sales, IT, operations, and all the other functional areas of the business.

What We Cover

  • The BPM Maturity Model
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Governance
  • Methods/Information Technology
  • People 
  • Culture