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Every Compliance Officer's Best Friend: Automated Compliance Workflow

While workflow automation has many applications and provides benefits for everyone in an organization, it is arguably every compliance officer's best friend. Regardless of industry, the compliance function is responsible for ensuring that the company's policies and procedures are designed to comply with applicable laws and regulations, and ensuring that those policies and procedures are followed. There's a… View More


What the Board of Directors Wants to See in Your Security Report

In a recent TechTarget article, Mike Villegas covered a lot of ground while discussing what CISOs should include when reporting to their board of directors. Mike pointed out that the focus of a CISO's security reports, among other things, should be on "current… View More


Flowchart Friday: Spring Is Here!

Welcome to another of our increasingly unpredictable Flowchart Fridays! It's Friday and Spring is finally here so most of our brains are slowly slipping out our ears and trying to pry the office window open to make a break for it. But it's also time to think about Spring cleaning so we can feel refreshed, renewed and ready for a  productive few months before Summer gets here. We've assembled a few helpful Spring… View More


Still Attaching Forms to Emails? Read this.

  Ah, the email attachment. As much as businesses have tried to move to content management and file storage systems, the email attachment remains the go-to way of sharing files. Even when someone can simply point to a document sitting in a system like DropBox,, etc. often they find the path of least resistance is to simply attach the file and let it fly. However, my real attachment issue is less about the… View More


Internal Controls Critical for Non-Regulated Businesses Too

The recent unpleasantness surrounding the very successful HR benefits software company, Zenefits, was an example of the importance of internal controls in an organization. While in the case of highly-regulated, compliance-conscious industries like pharma, insurance, finance, etc. mistakes can be… View More


Improving Capital Spend Efficiency in Pharma with Workflow Management

It’s one of those strange things that life throws up that, the more complicated the process, the more clarity the solution must have. In pharmaceutical companies, the workflow involved in both capital and operational expenditure processes can be extremely complicated; if the way workflow is managed is not crystal clear to management, money can leak from the organization like water from a running hose. Given that regulated markets like… View More


Workflow Management as Knowledge Management

Sharing Knowledge Matters We were recently named to KMWorld's "100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management" which awards "solutions designed to help users and customers find what they need whenever and wherever they need it … and what they need is the ability to access, analyze and share… View More


Automating Facility Management Workflow

Facility Management Workflow Can Be Difficult A building maintenance and facilities team gets tasked with everything from managing building security access to fixing HVAC issues. Handling these myriad requests in a decentralized, inconsistent manner (emails, phone calls, hallway conversations, etc.) is not only inefficient, but it can have a negative impact on the reputation of facilities management. With… View More


Automating Accreditation and Product Development in Pharmacy Services

The power of workflow management is in its flexibility and ability to adapt to a wide variety of use cases. When Biologics was looking for a way to automate their accreditation process they chose Integrify to capture all the necessary data to support the compliance needs of accreditation. Then, last year, they used Integrify to support the launch of a new drug, which has served nearly… View More


Dealing with "Difficult" Clients

Working with clients can be rewarding, exciting, fulfilling, and, yes, challenging. In our new feature "The Shortlist," we're sharing a quick list of tips on how to deal with those challenging clients whether internal or external. In the end, it's all about being a consummate professional no matter what. Say "I don't know but… View More


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