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Integrify Named a KMWorld 2015 Trend-Setting Product

Integrify, a leader in workflow management and enterprise request solutions, announced that it has been named to KMWorld's 2015 List of Trend-Setting Products. CHICAGO, IL (PRWeb) August 23, 2015 — Integrify, a leader in workflow management and enterprise request solutions, announced that its solution has been named to KMWorld's 2015 List of Trend-Setting Products. Integrify was recognized for its… View More


Why You Should Automate Your Offboarding Process

automation for offboarding employees

Related: Ensure safety, security and compliance with an automated offboarding process U.S. Pipe Streamlines Everything from CapEx to Offboarding with Integrify 10 Things… View More


Flowchart Friday: Choosing a Board Game

It's happened to everyone. You get together with some friends for cocktails and someone says "I know it sounds cheesy, but we should play a board game." Some people are in immediately, some people aren't so sure. Either way, the next question is "What game?" Well, here's your answer. Or at least, here's a flowchart that will help you decide the… View More


Flowchart Friday: What Should I Wear?

For Flowchart Friday this week it's time to dive into the enigmatic and fickle world of fashion and figure out, among other things, if cargo shorts are ever appropriate in the office (hint: they're not). If you ever wake up asking yourself "What should I wear?" just walk through these fashion-related flowcharts and then take a walk down the runway or office hallway with… View More


5 Questions You Should Ask a Prospective Workflow Management Vendor

There are a lot of software vendors out there that can help you with workflow. However, there are some key questions you should be prepared to ask before making a shortlist of vendors. We offer five questions you might want to lead with. What are the integration options? Vendors have different… View More


Flowchart Friday: Mmmmmmmmm...Bacon

For Flowchart Friday this week we're turning to the food that has either been a central part of a diet (low carb) or the ultimate ruination of one (all others)—bacon. Even the thought of it makes most people stare off into the distance with a peaceful smile and a warm feeling in their belly. Mmmmmm...bacon. So here's our Ode to Bacon in flowchart form.… View More


Flowchart Friday: 3 Old School Rap Lyric Flowcharts

are you eminem flowchart

For Flowchart Friday this week we're going old school. Old school rap to be more specific. While there could be some debate about the quality of the actual music in some of the referenced examples here, there's no debate that these are funny. Also, if you have ideas for flowcharts we should feature, let us know at mike.raia(at) To see past Flowchart Fridays… View More


Flowchart Friday: Engineering 101

Every Friday we feature an entertaining flowchart. We love flowcharts. We do it for a living in fact. Granted the flowcharts we build are for complex business processes rather than, say, explaining how to hack a computer in a Hollywood movie, but we still appreciate them for what they are. This week we look… View More


Flowchart Friday: How to Hack a Computer in an Action Movie

Every Friday we'll feature an entertaining flowchart for your amusement. Sometimes our own, sometimes someone else's. Given our appreciation for the new hit show on USA Network, Mr. Robot, we thought we'd feature an oldie but goodie by Owen Parsons for College… View More


Paperless Workflow: The Dream and the Reality

Paperless Workflow or "The Paperless Office" sound like great ideas but surprisingly, many businesses, large and small still rely on paper-based communication to manage requests, complete forms and even communicate (interoffice mail envelopes are still in use). At last estimate, 5 million tons of office paper were still being used each year in the U.S. alone. Resistance to… View More


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