Automating Field Service Requests

By Toni Buffa | Published February 28, 2024

Request management software handles the tasks involved throughout processes required for critical internal or external requests using workflow automation, business rules, and analytics. It provides all departments, including HR, Finance, Marketing/Sales, IT, Compliance, etc., with a self-service portal that allows them to accept and manage a variety of service requests from both internal and external customers. One request type to highlight is a Field Service Request workflow. This article will provide common struggles in the automation process, solutions, and examples of requests that would benefit from automation, and showcase a pre-built workflow.

 A field service request is a process used to request the services of a field service technician. Before diving into requests that would benefit from automating this workflow process, here are some struggles that this field often faces without workflow automation in place and how to overcome them.

Common Struggles

1. Mismanaged Assignment Schedules

Without the proper tools, it's possible to schedule two field service workers for the same job, give one employee too many tasks, or make it hard for technicians to do their jobs correctly. This can harm your company's performance and damage your business's reputation among customers.

2. No Real Time Tracking

Once a service request has been submitted and assigned, it can be difficult to track its progress. However, a real-time view of the process lets you know which stage the request is in.

3. Disconnected Workflow Process

Workflow processes should follow a single source of truth for its execution. When processes are done via email or a broken system, people can be left out of the loop, tasks can be forgotten, and your team will feel disconnected. With automation, the process will be completed the same way every time, and you will avoid confusion, stay consistent, and always give the best service to clients and your workers.

If your organization has encountered any of these challenges, workflow automation could be an excellent solution.

Field Service Process Examples

It’s important to note that any process in your organization can be automated, but here are some common field service examples:

  • A staffing company that has customers requesting employees for services.
  • A lawn care company has requested employees to work on different properties.
  • A housekeeper company with customers requesting various cleaning services.

Integrify Workflow Example

Integrify has prebuilt process apps available to our customers to download and use in their Integrify instance. This Field Service Request process is one of them. This process is ideal for companies that offer a service. By giving customers access to a portal, they can request services at their convenience. This process allows the company to handle new requests efficiently while giving customers access to various service options. 

Field Service Request Process

This workflow begins when a customer fills out the Service Request form, pictured below. This form includes details about the service to be performed, the needed date, and client information. The service to be performed answer could be listed in a drop-down list as well to easily drill down what resources will be needed from your organization.

Service Request Form

Next, the form will be passed along to assign the appropriate worker, a final review will happen, and then the client will be notified.

Assign Worker Form

It is time to establish a streamlined service request process that caters to both clients and employees. Reach out to Integrify for a personalized demo and see how we can help your organization be more efficient!

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