Flowchart Friday: Independence Day Weekend Edition

By Mike Raia Posted July 1, 2016


My intention was to collect a series of Independence Day-related flowcharts, but it turns out there aren't any. I figured someone must have created a "How to decide which firework to shoot off" or "How we decided to fight for our independence" but, alas. Instead I present an assortment of flowcharts in order of seriousness. That way you can finish on something (truly) light and silly as you head off for a long weekend. Happy Fourth of July! Find a great flowchart to share? Let us know @integrify.

How the UK could still remain in the EU

How ridiculously complicated it is for refugees to apply to asylum in Greece

All of human history

Personal Income Spending

Are you living in a filter bubble?

Should I go to this wedding?

DMX Fire Safety Flowchart

Should I watch 'The Bachelorette' this season?

Mike Raia

Marketing the world's best workflow automation software and drinking way too much coffee. https://about.me/mikeraia


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