KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2010

By Integrify | Published August 31, 2010

KMWORLD Trend-Setting Products of 2010

Just as in the past, assembling the Trend-Setting Products list is a collaborative effort with colleagues, market and technology analysts, KM theoreticians and practitioners, customers and a select few savvy users in a variety of disciplines.

We had our final selection session at the end of July; after months of electronic collaboration we set up a conference call, which was ... let’s just say “lively.” What else could be expected from a bunch of opinionated people? We had all come up with individual, “final” lists from the more than 600 products and solutions we identified earlier in the year. I must say that to us all, an unsolicited recommendation from a vendor’s customer carried significant weight in the final process.

Because our online and in-print readership comprises more than 55,000 individuals in a wide variety of businesses and disciplines, we concentrated on only those products that we all believe cover the needs of our diverse readership. That said, we didn’t, um, agree on everything—but because they request anonymity, I get to make the final decision.

We first published the Trend-Setting Product list in 2003. I suggest you go to our site to check out previous products. The technologies and markets have evolved with unprecedented speed and agility, and looking back gives us all an interesting historical snapshot.

The solutions we list below were selected by the panel because each demonstrates thoughtful, well-reasoned  innovation and execution for the most important  constituency of them all: the customer.