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Why You Need a Morning Workflow

A few months ago, after reading a blog post about "establishing a morning ritual," I decided that it was time to try improving my mornings. Typically I was waking up anywhere between 7 am and 8 am and then scrambling to get ready for the day and make my train into the city. I started to realize that I… View More


Do You Have the Tools You Need for Effective Remote Work?

tools for remote work

With the impact of COVID 19 closing offices, do you have the tools employees need to work effectively while remote? Related Workflow Automation Makes Remote Work Easier How to… View More


How to Deal With Disruptions

dealing with distractions and interruptions

When you’re in the zone, powering through tasks and getting things done, the last thing you want is to get interrupted. Related How to Stay Focused You Should Time Your Work Based on Your Energy… View More


What is Process Discovery?

process discovery illustration

Introduction To Process Discovery The term "Business Process Discovery" (BPD) has been around for many years, but it became very popular with the emergence of digital technology and business transformation. It is also a first step for organizations that plan to automate their processes using workflow software. One of the catalysts for business… View More


How to Boost Morale at Work

how to boost employee morale

Learn ways to increase employee morale and, subsequently, boosting retention, engagement, and your employees' work environment. Related How to Help Your Team Realize Untapped… View More


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