Automate the Maintenance Request Process

By Toni Buffa | Published January 22, 2024

For the facility department, handling maintenance requests as quickly as possible is crucial. Typically, these requests involve very manual steps such as emails back and forth, multiple submissions, different assignments, and more. With all of these manual steps, these requests could get confusing or even lost in someone's inbox. However, with automation, there is a compelling case for streamlining these workflows to save time, enhance accuracy, and improve overall productivity.

The Benefits of Automation

1. Quick Approvals

Automating the maintenance request process accelerates approval times. Requests can be reviewed, approved, or denied with just a few clicks, eliminating unnecessary delays associated with manual reviews.

2. Seamless Task Assignment

Automation ensures that maintenance tasks are assigned to the right worker based on their availability. This not only speeds up the process but also optimizes resource allocation!

3. Real-time Updates

With an automated system in place, stakeholders receive real-time updates on the status of maintenance requests. This transparency minimizes the need for follow-up communications and keeps everyone in the loop.

4. Error Reduction

Manual processes are more likely to lead to errors. Automation reduces the likelihood of errors, ensuring that information is accurate and consistent throughout the workflow.

5. Improved Accountability

Automated workflows come with built-in tracking and easy audit features. This allows organizations to monitor the progress of maintenance tasks, ensuring accountability and providing valuable insights for the future.

Integrify Workflow Example

This is our Maintenance Request process. It is pre-built and available to our customers for free download. In this process, a request for maintenance is submitted for approval to the Maintenance Manager. If approved, a maintenance worker is assigned to handle the task. Once the task is complete, the assigned maintenance worker completes a recap form, which is included in the completion notification.


Maintenance Request Form

Maintenance Technician Form



It's time to step into the future of facility management with automated maintenance workflows. Reach out to Integrify for a personalized demo and see how we can help your organization be more efficient!

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Toni Buffa

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