Flowchart Friday: Spring Is Here!

By Mike Raia Posted April 8, 2016


Welcome to another of our increasingly unpredictable Flowchart Fridays!

It's Friday and Spring is finally here so most of our brains are slowly slipping out our ears and trying to pry the office window open to make a break for it. But it's also time to think about Spring cleaning so we can feel refreshed, renewed and ready for a  productive few months before Summer gets here. We've assembled a few helpful Spring cleaning flowcharts along with the usual random assortment of silliness.

Enjoy these flowcharts and if you have any to share, let us know in the comments or at mike.raia@integrify.com.

Spring Cleaning Flowcharts

More Flowcharts

(Possibly Helpful)

(Not Really Helpful)

Mike Raia

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